Ramen Gojiro

Last week, my friends and I met up downtown for a late night dinner at Ramen Gojiro, a new ramen shop that opened up on Dunsmuir Street close to Granville Station. What sets Ramen Gojiro apart from the other ramen places around Vancouver is their broth. Traditional ramen jiro consists of a tonkotsu broth with shoyu giving it an almost thin pork gravy-like consistency served with thick noodles. At Ramen Gojiro, the broth is pork and chicken based ramen so there’s a slight tweak from the traditional ramen jiro. Nevertheless, you can still expect your bowl of ramen here to be fatty and rich.

IMG_1727The menu here is super simple categorized from: Basic, Basic Bakamori, Spicy, and Spicy Bakamori. You have an option of either Chashu Pork or Karaage with your ramen and the main veggie topping that it comes with is bean sprouts.  ‘Basic’ is just their regular portion whereas ‘Bakamori’ is the supersized version of the regular portion. Before they put your order in the system, they confirm whether you want fried garlic as your garnish. I opted for the Basic with Chashu with fried garlic and an egg as an additional topping ($9.95+$1). My friends ordered the Spicy Bakamori Karaage ($13.55). Their spicy ramen bowls range from mild, spicy, and atomic spicy.


There’s been lots of mixed reviews about this place but personally, my friends and I loved our experience here. I thought the broth and noodles were great. My friends enjoyed their spicy ramen and thought the broth had great depth. They weren’t  too bothered by the fact that their karaage got a little soggy.  My only complaint would be that their chashu as it was a bit bland. I wish the meat came slightly charred like the ones from Ramengers or Kamamarui. Other than that I had a pretty positive experience as service was also good.

501 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC
Rating: 4/5
Price: $ ($0-20)
Reservation? No

Ramen Gojiro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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