Choco Coo Cafe

Choco Coo Cafe is a new dessert place that opened up in the same plaza as Sushi California right by Lougheed Town Centre. This cafe features a lot of French-inspired desserts and serves an extended menu of drinks ranging from tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and iced milk teas.

12237509_873335776115991_366345914_nOn my first visit, I had their iced milk tea and mango napoleon. I was expecting their iced milk tea to be like a regular milk tea you get from bubble tea places but unfortunately, it tasted like Thai iced tea that was just too sugary, milky and sweet for my taste buds. So I definitely do not recommend it! The mango napoleon on the other hand was just okay. The pastry tasted kind of stale as if it was sitting in the dessert cooler for a while. Nevertheless, I thought it complimented my Asian palette very well with it not being too overly sweet. I’m not too sure if they still serve this dessert anymore.

12530802_800292126760661_1726774615_nOn my second visit here, I had their matcha latte and matcha chiffon cake.  I was hoping that the matcha latte would taste a lot better than their iced milk tea from my previous visit but again, I was left disappointed. It felt like I was drinking just green coloured milk as the taste of matcha was super subtle/non-existent. I wish it had more matcha powder incorporated to give the drink a stronger essence of matcha. The matcha chiffon cake on the other hand was super delicious! Nice, light, and moist. The whipped cream tasted like it was made from scratch giving it a fresh whipped taste. I would definitely recommend this cake if you’re a matcha fan. I can’t recall the exact price of this dessert but it was around $5.75. In the back of the picture is their chocolate hazelnut cake. It was hard, stale and super dense. The flavours just did not work well with each other in my opinion. I believe it was also around the same price as the chiffon cake.


On my third visit, I met up with a friend for a quick catch-up since he was in the area. I was super happy that they had the matcha mousse cake available! In a heartbeat, I ordered it along with an Americano. Mmm.. the matcha mousse was definitely my favourite out of the cakes I’ve tried here so far. It was super smooth and decadent. The hazelnut crunch in the middle gave the cake an added layer of texture which made it much more enjoyable to eat.


Just last week, I revisited this place since I was craving for some late night dessert and a nice cup of tea. I saw this Mont Blanc on display and knew right away that I had to try it out since I’ve never had Mont Blanc before. For those of you who don’t know what Mont Blanc is, it’s a dessert topped with strands of sweet nutty chestnut puree resembling a snow-capped mountain. I thought the Mont Blanc was pretty good. I liked that it wasn’t super sweet since I’m not a big fan of super rich and dense desserts so this was a winner for me. For the price of their drinks, I wouldn’t order their tea again.

501 North Road
Coquitlam, BC
Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $ ($0-20)
Reservation? No

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