Sushi California

When I think of budget-friendly places to get my sushi cravings fulfilled, I think of Sushi California or Sushi Garden. Since I live closer to Sushi California in Coquitlam, it’s usually my go-to place.

Most of my friends live and work in Vancouver, so I tend to always go to the Sushi California’s Vancouver location even though I much prefer the Lougheed location more. This is what happens when you’re the only one who lives in the middle of nowhere as my friends like to call it. Any time of the day, the restaurant is always filled with people waiting for a table. My friends and I decided to come during their peak hour for dinner at 6:30pm/7pm. It took us about 30 minutes to get a table which I didn’t mind as much since it was expected. One thing I like about Sushi California more than Sushi Garden is that they don’t have a mandatory number of people for parties of 2 or more to show up before you’re allowed to occupy a table. Two of my friends were over 30 minutes late (tardiness for dinner is a major pet peeve of mine btw), but Sushi California were completely fine about it and gave us extra time to look over the menu before ordering.


I’m a pretty boring person when it comes to ordering sushi. I’ll have my avocado roll, the occasional negitoro roll, and a few pieces of nigiri. Tonight, I went with avocado roll (no mayo), one piece of salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, and toro nigiri. Pretty standard sushi. My nigiri pieces came with too much rice. Maybe I will ask for less rice next time here.


Salmon Sashimi here are cut super thick. On my previous visit here, my Korean friend commented about how compared to Japanese-run restaurants, Korean-run sushi places prefer to have their sashimi slices cut a lot thicker. I guess this is true as Sushi Garden (which is also Korean run), also have their sashimi dishes cut pretty thick!

388 W Broadway-Vancouver
501 N Road-Coquitlam
Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $($0-20)
Reservation? No

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3 thoughts on “Sushi California

  1. sacredbloodbunny says:

    I love their Alaska roll, something about their sauce! The one at Lougheed was my fave place for meals as I went to Coquitlam College just behind that place! I miss this place so much!


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