Coffee Bun Bakery

It’s crazy how much life has slowed down for me compared to a few years ago. Back then, I was juggling school full-time, volunteering for various organizations, working odd jobs 2-3 times a week that worked around my demanding dragon boat schedule. I still wonder how I managed to cope with it all. It left no time for me to even socialize with friends or go out on weekends because I was just too focused on working toward personal gains. A lot of my time was pretty much spent alone which meant I visited restaurants and cafes on my own a lot since I was always on a time crunch.

Coffee Bun has two location: North Vancouver and Coquitlam. I used to frequent the Coquitlam location a lot when I used to work around the area. I’ve been to the Coquitlam location more than 40 times to date. How do I know this? They have a stamp card system where if you purchase 9 drinks, the 10th one is free. I’ve had at least 4 free drinks from them. When I’m not feeling the coffee bun and Americano combo, I just go for their iced Americano. There’s just something about caffeine that helps relieve all the craziness that goes on in my life. I would say Coffee Bun used to be my escape from reality.

The North Vancouver location definitely offers up more variety of coffee buns compared to the Coquitlam location. I decide to make the drive up here to try their Green Tea Coffee Bun ($4). Luckily, they had some on display – today was my lucky day! If you’re not a fan of Green Tea, this location offers almond, coconut, earl grey, hazelnut, and many more flavours. However, they are only made in small batches so the flavours change up from time to time ($3-4). The Green Tea Coffee Bun was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

IMG_1848My experience here was quite unpleasant. Is it just me or do some Asian places give better service to Caucasians? I felt like the Korean lady (probably the owner) was giving me a bad attitude compared to the Caucasian group who got served before me. They were served a plate with their buns while mine was given in a to-go bag. I politely asked for my bun to be heated up as I had no clue how long the bun had been sitting on the display. The Korean lady seemed quite agitated about that request. I had planned to stay longer than 20 minutes to enjoy my bun and Americano, but since I didn’t feel welcomed at all… I decided to leave. Previous reviewers described this place as cozy, but I thought it was far from that. From now on, I’ll just stick to the one in Coquitlam.

Lonsdale Quayside Plaza
147 Chadwick Court
North Vancouver
Rating: 3/5 (-1 for bad service)
Price: $ ($0-20)

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