Tacoreano is a fusion restaurant that serves up tacos with a Korean twist. I decided to give this place a try after seeing it pop up on my Instagram feed. The power of social media πŸ˜›

Getting here was pretty easy to navigate as I live relatively close to the area. Glen Drive is slowly transforming intoΒ a food hub to cater to the influx of new residents in the area with all the condo development happening. On the same block, you’ll also find the popular waffle place , Miracle Waffle Bar.

IMG_2062I came here for a late lunch so the place was pretty dead. I believe they opened up about two weeks ago. The menu here is pretty simple with a selection of tacos, quesadillas, and their signature kimchi bowls. Walking in, the place was quite small with a large communal table occupying most of the seating space and a few tables for parties of 2-3. I decided to go for the pork and tuna tacos since I wasn’t feeling rice or quesadilla(one for $6 two for $10). You can help yourself with water and a variety of sauces along the wall after you receive your order.

IMG_2061.JPGService was super prompt as I received my order within 5 minutes. My plate was came out sloppy looking and looked nothing like the ones advertised on their website which was a bit upsetting. There wasn’t even a need to rush my order since the place was pretty dead. I wish they had spent just a little bit more time making it look appetizing 😦 There were only a few albacore tuna poke pieces with my taco topped with romaine lettuce, wakame, and a crap load of wasabi mayo. I do admit, the combination was nice and fresh, but there was just too much filler on this taco that made the taco itself unenjoyable. My tuna taco was supposed to also come with ginger, but there wasn’t any at all.

IMG_2063The pork taco was slightly better as they were aΒ lot more generous with the ingredients for this one. This came with korean spiced pork jowl marinated with red paper paste and miso crema. The meat was tender and flavourful wrapped inside the tortilla so I definitely recommend this one over the tuna. As much as I wanted to love this place-in the end, it was a letdown. I’d rather pay a few extra bucks and get my taco fix at Tacofino or Sal Y Limon instead for the price they charge.

100-2970 Glen Drive
Coquitlam, BC
Rating: 3/5
Price: $ ($0-20)
Reservation? No

Tacoreano Fusion Taco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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