Porto Cafe


IMG_2086It’s hard to wean off on caffeine when coffee shops just keep popping up one after the other in this city! Since I had a bit of time in the morning before work, I decided to walk a few blocks down from my regular commute to check this place out. Walking in at 7:15 in the morning, the place was completely empty.Oh the joy of an empty coffee shop with no hipsters, crying babies, or loud obnoxious teenagers- just me 🙂 Now, I’m usually the type who prefers her coffee black (boring, I know). To change it up, I settled with their iced mocha, no whip($5.25). The price was a bit steep, but I decided to take a gamble on it anyway. Oh boy! I’m super glad I went with this drink as a first-timer here. The iced mocha was perfect- not too sweet or milky. It reminded me of the delicious iced mocha I had in Brugge with a friend back in the summer. Maybe it has been that long since I’ve had my last iced mocha because once you think you’ve had the best of something, you don’t bother with trying to find something similar.

Aside from the usual drinks you find at a regular coffee shop, they also offer an assortment of baked goods and sandwiches. From my understanding, Cadeaux Bakery supplies some of their baked goods for purchase here. If you’re not feeling sweets, they do offer morning specials from 6:30AM-11AM that include a coffee and breakfast sandwich ranging from $5.99-$7.49 depending on which drink you get (drip coffee, american, iced america/iced latte). They do have several paninis on display, however, they are currently not offering them as of yet. Give this place a try if you’re in the area or need a mid-day pick me up!

2207 Cambie Street
Vancouver, bc

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $($0-20)

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