Kimbab Cheonguk

Ever since a friend of mine introduced a money management app to me a few months ago, I’ve been religiously tracking my food expenses. Despite setting a monthly food budget, I always go over! The good thing about the app is that it’s helped me build awareness on how much money I was pouring down the drain. I still eat out a lot every week, but I’ve definitely cut costs by packing my own lunch and substituting Starbucks with cheaper alternatives. 🙂 My boyfriend asked if I wanted to go out for dinner last night so of course I said yes..! I had a huge craving for Korean ever since I made that kimbap run for Bob the other day.

Whenever I’m craving for kimbap, my go to place is always Kimbab Cheonguk near Lougheed Skytrain Station. Out of all the Korean establishments in the area, it’s definitely budget friendly as most items on their menu are priced below $10.


To my surprise, the place was pretty dead on a Thursday evening. We got a table right away and were immediately served with their signature bone broth soup and a side dish to munch on.

The food menu here is super easy to navigate with images and descriptions for each item so you know what to expect when they take down your order. You’re also doing them a favour by pointing at the pictures since their English is really limited! We went with our usual : Ddock bok ki ($6.99), Regular Kim Bab ($3.45) and Beef Kim Bab ($3.95).


Unlike Japanese rolls, Korean rolls are prepared with sesame oil. Their regular kimbap comes with carrot, cucumber, fish cake, burdock, egg, and yellow radish. The beef kimbap is almost identical to the regular kimbap- it just has beef bulgogi added to the roll. The rice had a good consistency as it wasn’t too hard or mushy with a generous amount of filling inside.


Our ddock bok ki was last to arrive at the table. It came piping hot with rice cake, cabbage, onion, and fish cake. The spiciness of this dish is usually mild, but we did notice this time around that it came slightly spicier than our previous visits. We love dipping our kimbap in the sauce 😛

In Korean culture, you pay your restaurant bill at the counter! Only cash and debit are accepted as payment here.

341 North Road
Coquitlam, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $ ($0-20)
Reservation? No

Kimbab Cheonguk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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