Bubble World

Bubble World used to always be my go to place for bubble tea ever since I was a kid. My uncle first introduced their original milk tea and pearls to my brothers and me back in our early elementary school days when they opened their second tea house location on Kingsway and Joyce in 1999(first tea house being on Granville Street). The company has expanded so much since providing food service in several locations in the Lower Mainland with the newest addition located in Langley.


I was craving Taiwanese cuisine the other day so I met up with the boyfriend at Bubble World in New Westminster. The trip there from work was pretty convenient as I only had to take the Expo Line to Columbia Station and walk a couple of blocks up the hill. The place is very spacious with comfortable booth seats and small tables placed throughout the restaurant. Compared to the Metrotown location, this place is huge as they have an extended section on the left side of the entrance to accommodate larger parties.

IMG_2838.JPGMilky Mocha Oreo Slush ($4.95)+Pearls($0.50) We ordered a drink to share this time around since I’m trying to cut down on my bubble tea indulgences. Normally I would order half sweet, but my boyfriend prefers his drinks to be 100% sweet :P. I liked how the oreo cookies were nicely blended into the drink. There was a distinct mocha taste and the tapioca pearls were deliciously sweet and chewy. Out of all the bubble tea joints that I’ve been to so far, Dragon Ball makes the best tapioca pearls!

IMG_2839.JPGEvery time we go eat Taiwanese, my boyfriend always gets Spicy Beef Noodle in Soup ($9.25). His bow of noodles only came with with three pieces of beef brisket so there were quite stingy on the meat! The moment he lifted up his spoon, he could see the pool of chili oil on the surface. He thought it was just average as he’s had better before- the soup was a lot oilier compared to other places we’ve been to for beef noodles. He didn’t end up drinking much of the soup with his noodles.. let’s just say he wasn’t feeling too well after his meal.

IMG_2840.JPGTaiwanese Style Plain Noodle with Bean Sprouts and Meat Sauce in Soup ($5.95) Portion was really generous for the price for the dish. However, I wasn’t a big fan of this at all. My soup was really oily and the meat was mostly fatty bits of the pork. Next time I would just stick with their rice dishes 😦

IMG_2815.JPGPan Fried Egg Roll with Dry Meat Floss ($4.95) This is a popular Taiwanese snack that’s normally eaten for breakfast. It’s a thin crepe wrapped around with egg and pork floss similar to an egg crepe. They tasted delicious with the sweet garlic sauce that was provided for dipping!

Unfortunately, this location was slightly disappointing compared to their Burnaby and Richmond location. 😦

601 Agnes Street
New Westminster
Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $
Reservation? No

Bubble World Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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