Bob Likes Thai Food


Vancouver is simply not a mecca for Thai food. When you think of Thai food- probably at most five options come up in your mind: Bob Likes Thai Food, Sawasdee Thai, Kin Kao Kitchen, or Maenam. (I could only come up with four on the spot) 😛

Bob informed me that she will be moving on from her casual part-time job near my workplace, so on her last day, we decided to meet up for dinner one last time before bidding goodbye to our convenient dinner dates! Now we actually have to make the effort and coordinate with one another outside of work. 😮

We had originally planned to go to Bob Likes Thai Food on Main Street, but I later requested to meet up at their second location on Granville and West Broadway since I have never been there before.


Thai Iced Tea ($3) The weather was very warm and sunny that Monday, so I unexpectedly splurged a bit and ordered their Thai Iced Tea to sip on while I waited for my food to arrive. For three bucks, I can’t really complain here. The drink had a nice orange hue with a good balance between tea and milk. Pretty standard.


Miang Kham ($9) Traditional leafy snack in Northern Thailand which translates to “eating many things in one bite”. This one bite appetizer is filled with unsweetened coconut shavings, lime, shallot, roasted peanuts, sliced lemongrass, ginger, and tamarind sauce wrapped in chaplu leaves. Due to the popularity of the dish, it’s not a surprise that the price went up from $6 over the years. I first had this dish with Bob a few years back and we both loved it a lot. This time around, it looked and tasted very different compared to a few years ago. From the start, we could tell that there was just way too much tamarind sauce at the top, which overpowered the other ingredients assembled in the dish.


Pad Thai ($14) A Thai classic of fried rice noodles with prawns, smoked tofu, peanuts, egg bean sprouts and chives. When it comes to Thai food, I tend to just stick with ordering pad thai for the sake of familiarity. The balance of flavours (sweet, tangy, savoury) tasted off as I thought it had way too much tamarind sauce, which made the overall dish taste sour and wet. The Main Street location executes their pad thai way better in my opinion.


Penang Beef ($14)+Jasmine Rice ($2.50) Coconut milk based red curry with beef, basil, and bell peppers, and lime leaf. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird how some Thai restaurants don’t already include rice with their curry dishes? Just up the dish a buck or two and state it comes with rice! I thought the curry tasted very authentic and flavourful.  The beef was just a tad tough and overcooked. Bob was quite happy with her curry and rice.

I so desperately wanted to love this place, but I guess I’ll just have to stick to their Main Street location.

On a side note, I ordered their Green Curry Chicken ($14)+Coconut Rice ($3) to go for my boyfriend and he loved it! I ended up packing his leftover curry for my lunch the next day and he had my pad thai   🙂

1521 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

3755 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $$
Reservations? Yes

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