Sun Sui Wah

Once a year, a couple of my friends and I meet up with our high school Math tutor for some dim sum at her favourite dim sum restaurant, Sun Sui Wah ! Can’t believe it’s already been one year since our last visit here.

Reservations were made in advance , but it wasn’t necessary as tables were just gradually starting to fill up given their late opening at 10am. However, if you’re not an early bird, reservations after 11:30AM is recommended as the place was packed by the time we left!

Similar to many dim sum establishments, there is a set price on their dim sum menu ranging from Small ($3.95), Medium ($4.50), Large ($5.50), Special ($5.95) and Deluxe ($6.95).


Spring Roll ($5.50) The shrimp/prawn filling was quite skimpy and did not taste fresh. My gut feeling tells me they were just re-fried to order as they were the first to come out.


Stuffed Three Treasures ($4.50) Green bell pepper, fried tofu, eggplant topped with shrimp paste. Vegetables were fresh and shrimp was very meaty.


Minced Pork and Peanut Dumpling ($4.50) Loved how there was a lot of filling in these dumplings. The addition of the  water chestnut and wood ear incorporated gave the dumplings a nice crunch and texture to work with.


Steamed Prawn Dumpling ($5.50) Dim sum staple of mine! I thought they were just average. Skin was a bit sticky and I would have preferred a bigger filling of prawn inside for the price.


Steamed BBQ Pork Bun ($4.50) The buns were delicate, airy, and had a nice hint of sweetness filled with rich BBQ pork filling.


Tripe with Green Onion and Ginger ($5.50) Tender steam-cooked tripe!


Mini Sticky Rice ($5.50) Pretty standard for sticky rice. Rice to filling ratio was good.


Chinese Donut Wrapped in Rice Roll ($5.50) This was my favourite out of the bunch! The chinese donut tasted very fresh and crispy wrapped in the rice roll. Tasted even more delicious with the peanut and hoisin sauce.


Deep Fried Taro Dumplings ($5.50) The exterior had a nice crispy net-like coating with mashed taro batter enclosed with mixed pork and mushroom filling.


Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($4.50) For dessert we ordered these buns to share. They’re best eaten when it’s super hot and fresh. The filling was super rich and delicious.

Normally we get complimentary tea because my math tutor knows one of the ladies at the front but this time around we had to cough up money for tea 😦 Oh well!

102-4940 No.3 Rd
Richmond, BC

3888 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3.5/5


Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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