Beautiful Island

Whenever you want to try out a new restaurant, don’t you ever find yourself wanting to share that experience with a friend or partner? My boyfriend recently discovered a Taiwanese establishment not too far from his workplace through his co-workers and I’ve been nagging him to take me here for dinner since. After a month long wait, we finally made it here together for dinner! Hallelujah.

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Beautiful Island is located in an obscure location in Burnaby South. The restaurant can be easy to miss by those driving along Imperial Street. As a big fan of Taiwanese food, I was actually surprised that I have never heard of this place before! The place is in a standalone building with enough parking spaces at the back. Arriving at roughly 7PM, the place was relatively empty with plenty of tables for us to freely sit. It’s quite spacious with nice wooden floors giving the restaurant a modern-esque feel to it.Menus were promptly given to us the moment we sat. Complimentary water is self-serve here.

For a Taiwanese establishment, the menu is very limited. They have a few Taiwanese staple appetizers, roughly 10-15 different types of combo dishes, and bubble tea (no pearls here!)


We were given complimentary boiled peanuts to snack on before our meal. The peanuts were a little too mushy, but I did like the subtle acidity from the marinade and cilantro.


Stewed Meat Sauce on Rice ($9.50)+Meatball Soup and Boiled Veggies. I really enjoyed the side dishes that came with my combo. The meatball soup is actually miso and egg soup with a hearty portion of chicken meatballs. My soup bowl was huge and easily filled me up.The meat sauce was pretty standard! It tasted just like my boyfriend’s mom’s meat sauce recipe 😛


My side dish of boiled vegetables (Pak Choi) was just average. The addition of the soy sauce, fried shallots, and meat sauce helped enhance the flavour of the dish.

Every ultimate combo also comes with an iced black tea. However, I did find it a little too sweet!


Deep Fried Red Fermented Yeast Pork ($9.50). Their deep-friend combos combos are served with marinated egg, braised cabbage, and pickled cucumber. Red fermented yeast pork is like a ramped up version of deep fried pork chop- the difference is just the addition of fermented red rice yeast marinade giving the pork chop that red hue. The breading tasted soggy and not as crunchy as I had hoped. Compared to Pearl Castle’s Red Fermented Pork, this dish was a little bit disappointing. Don’t expect it to taste like char siu because it’s a mix of sweet and sour with a slight trace of alcohol from the red rice wine in the marinade 😛

Along with our set meals, we also had their House Milk Tea ($4.50) and Wheat Germ Milk Tea ($4). Their drinks were okay.. nothing really to write home about. Knowing that their combos come with a small iced black tea, I don’t think I would bother paying extra for their bubble tea. This place can be a hit or miss, but I would definitely re-visit this place again for some Taiwanese comfort food.

4648 Imperial Street

Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Reservation? No

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