PoMo Ribfest

Over the weekend, thousands of visitors sampled some of the best, mouth-watering ribs in North America at the second annual Port Moody Rib Festival at Rocky Point Park. The community event featured live music, family –friendly activities, craft brews, and five ribbers: Gator BBQ, Boss Hog’s, Smoke&Bones, Prairie Smoke & Spice, and Misty Mountain BBQ.

Last year, Boss Hog’s won People’s Choice award, Misty Mountain won Best Ribs, and Gator BBQ took home the Best Sauce accolade.

Since my boyfriend and I are familiar with the neighbourhood, we were able to find parking just south of St. John’s. We did drive by the event to test out our luck… however, finding parking space was impossible with the amount of cars that were circling around the parking lots.

IMG_3708 (1).JPG

We had intended to check out two ribbers that evening, but since we were on a time crunch, we were only able to order from one of the five 😦 . I had my heart set on GatorBBQ as they’re known for their famous BBQ sauce so we headed straight there. I’m kicking myself right now for not doing enough research prior to the event because we should’ve lined up for Boss Hog’s instead since they won last year’s People Choice and many other awards across Canada. My boyfriend also mentioned about leaving Gator BBQ to go to Boss Hog’s while we were lining up because of all the plastered 1st place awards they had on their banner. I was being mean and kept insisting that we try Gator BBQ – Can you guys tell I’m feeling really horrible about it right now? My boyfriend always lets me pick wherever I want to go when it comes to eating. I guess I’m just used to him spoiling me that way 😦 Also, the annoying thing about going on the last day was that the certain items on the menu eventually ran out for most ribbers, so we were stuck ordering whatever was left two hours before closing.

No clear signage/indication that certain food items were sold out/unavailable

Ordering from Gator BBQ was a disappointing experience as my boyfriend and I (along with others in line) were not notified about what was available to order until it was almost our turn to order! This was 20-25 minutes into the line-up, too! They only had ribs and pulled pork left so you could imagine just how furious I was at this point. 😡

IMG_3710.JPGDon’t forget to grab their signature sauce right by the trophy table after you get your order


Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10.00) Our sandwich was served cold 😦  I would’ve appreciated the extra mile of toasting the bun for a couple of seconds or properly heating up the pulled pork before serving. They were on their last batch of pulled pork so they did not even bother heating it up properly over the grill. I was expecting authentic hand pulled smoked pork, instead the pork was chopped with sauce mixed in. The only thing I liked about the sandwich was the addition of their signature BBQ sauce. The amount of meat on this photo looks quite deceptive due to the angling, but they were also skimpy with the meat for the price!


Half Rack Ribs ($15.00) Our ribs had burnt edges and tasted a bit dry even with the added sauce. Ribs weren’t as juicy and fall-off-the-bone tender as I had initially hoped. It was a good thing we decided to get only half rack and save our money.

Overall, my expectations were just too high and I was left disappointed. At least there’s always next year! Hopefully I’ll be able to go on the first day and get the chance to sample what the other ribbers have to offer 🙂

For those anticipating the event next year, they do take orders for you at the beer garden! However, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it as some patrons have expressed about having their orders mixed up with others.

2800 Murray St
Port Moody, BC

Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $$
Reservation? No
Would I Return? Yes


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