Ta bom

Living in the Tri-Cities area, I’m constantly spoiled by the influx of Korean restaurants. The newest addition is Ta bom, a Korean restaurant located in Port Moody known for their Korean barbeque meats served on hot plates that can be dipped with cheese. This place is truly a hole-in-the wall as I actually heard about … Continue reading Ta bom



My boyfriend's mom first introduced me to liquid nitrogen ice cream and raved about the difference in texture and creaminess compared to traditional ice cream. We went to a small town called La Quinta, just a few miles away from Palm Springs a few months ago and I honestly think we made the trip there specifically just for ice cream! 😛 … Continue reading Mister


The concept of cat cafés initally started out in Taiwan in the late 1990s and became a huge hit with the Japanese tourists who later helped jumpstart the trend. Almost two decades later, they’ve finally made their way to North America! Catfe is located inside Vancouver International Village Mall (Tinseltown) on the second floor. Space … Continue reading Catfe


Purebread is a Whistler-based bakery known for their selection of pastries, baked goods and bread. Even after six years in the bakery business, owners Paula and Mark Lumming of Purebread are constantly inspired to expand and tweak their menu. The bread menu itself has over 20 different types of loaves. Some of their more unique flavours … Continue reading Purebread


The Vancouver-born Japadog has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a single street vendor stand. To date, the establishment has now expanded to several vendor carts on the west coast and two restaurants. Japadog offers an array of flavours that you can’t experience from anywhere else when it comes to hot dogs. … Continue reading Japadog