The Vancouver-born Japadog has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a single street vendor stand. To date, the establishment has now expanded to several vendor carts on the west coast and two restaurants. Japadog offers an array of flavours that you can’t experience from anywhere else when it comes to hot dogs.

Although I’m not much of a hotdog enthusiast, I do like the concept of Japadog as their variation includes Japanese-inspired toppings. A unique take on the traditional hot dog.


After a trip to the Aquarium with my relatives, we checked out Japadog for a quick bite since it was located right by the parking lot next to the concession stand.

IMG_3864.JPGIt’s crazy to see how much the pricing has gone up over the last few years for a hot dog here. Back in 2010 when I had my first Terimayo at their original stand on Burrard, it only cost $4.75  and I already thought it was a bit hefty!

They have a small table for you to add condiments and toppings. I made sure to get their signature wasabimayo on my hot dog. 🙂

Kurobuta Terimayo ($7.75) Kurobuta Pork, teriyaki sauce, seaweed, fried onion, Japanese mayo. I was a little disappointed with their Terimayo this time around. The bun was not heated warm enough on the grill and the addition of fried onions was not enough for me to taste the sweet and savoury concoction as I had hoped.

IMG_3871.JPGOkonomi ($7.25) Kurobuta pork, Japanese mayo, fried cabbage, traditional sauce, and bonito flakes. My brother added extra mayo and sweet chili sauce on his hot dog to pack in more flavour.


Oroshi ($6.00) Pork Bratwurst, radish, green onion, special soy sauce. Again, the bun was not warmed up prior to serving. It was a bit underwhelming after the first bite. The pork was good quality meat, but the taste of the toppings were very subtle. Compared to the other locations in Downtown, they are a bit stingy with the toppings here which is a huge disappointment. Keeping up with consistency is a huge factor in success for any franchise.

Although they did not live up to the hype at this location, it’s still worth checking out as a first-timer. My suggestion would be at their restaurant location on Robson or McArthur Glen Outlet if you’re ever in the area.

899 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

530 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC

7899 Templeton Station Road
Richmond, BC

Price: $
Website: www.japadog.com
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