Boiling Point


Boiling Point is a Taiwanese establishment known for their delicious individual sized hot pots. They serve a variety of hot pot flavours ranging from Japanese Miso, Thai, Spicy Taiwanese, and many more. Each hotpot contains a unique myriad of ingredients according to the soup base chosen. For each hot pot, you can customize the spice level from mild, medium, and spicy. Additional toppings may be added at an extra cost, but I personally think there are enough ingredients loaded in each hot pot!

I came here on a weekday night with the boyfriend, so luckily it wasn’t busy. My boyfriend grabs lunch here from time to time and his past experiences with them have been pretty positive. I’ve heard mixed reviews from friends and family about this particular location compared to the Richmond one.  Without being bias, I decided to give this place a try and see for myself since I was also craving for some hot pot. 🙂


Every table has a tray of sauces provided for hot pot purposes: (from left to right) Chili Oil, Taiwanese Old  Fashion BBQ, and Chili Bean Paste. Out of the bunch, I liked the Taiwanese Old Fashion BBQ sauce the most as it resembled a sweet soy garlic sauce.


Garlic Pork Belly ($5.45) This is a classic Taiwanese dish served over garlic soy dressing. The blanched pork slices were nice and tender and the sauce was amazing! The garlic pork belly was memorable for its simplicity and execution.


Curry Fishball ($12.99) Napa, Vermicelli, Sliced Pork, Enoki Mushroom, Imitation Crab Stick, Fish Ball, Fried Tofu Skin, Corn, Tempura, Mountain Yam, Chinese String Bean, Egg, and Green Onion. My boyfriend has tried their Beef and Korean Bean Paste hot pot before, so he decided to give their curry soup base a try. You are given the option to choose either vermicelli or rice with your hot pot. Both my boyfriend and I opted for rice since our hot pot orders had already contained strands of noodles inside. I had a sip of his curry soup base and thought it was pretty flavourful without being too overwhelming.


Japanese Miso ($16.99) Cabbage, Udon, Sliced Pork Enoki Mushroom, Clam, Fuzhou Fish Ball, Fish Fillet, King Oyster, Mushroom, Crab, Fried Tofu Skin, Soft Tofu, Egg, Green Onion in medium spice. Some of their hotpots are more expensive than others due to the portion size and soup base. My Japanese Miso is roughly 25% bigger in size compared to the cheaper alternatives. It was pretty interesting slurping up spicy miso soup! I really enjoyed all the components offered in my hot pot with the Fuzhou fish ball being my favourite. I absolutely loved the meat filling wrapped inside- too bad I was only given one to enjoy. 😦 Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my dish and left the overcooked udon noodles sitting in the pot with some leftover cabbage. If you’re not feeling particularly hungry, this could easily be shared between two people for the size.


Hokkaido Milk Tea ($5.00) The creamy milk tea had a distinctive toffee caramel taste to it. It was a little too sweet for my liking- if I were to ever order this again, I would probably ask for half sweet!

Boiling Point is pretty affordable for hot pot lovers that don’t have a huge appetite. It’s $1 cheaper if you go during lunch time and you also get a free drink of Black or Green Tea with your hotpot! Overall, I thought the food was pretty good (maybe good company makes food taste better 😛 ) I’ve read reviews about the lack of service here, but I thought it was not bad considering the fact that they were able to accommodate all of our requests during dinner service.

5276 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

4800 No 3 Rd
Richmond, BC

102-15146 100 Ave
Surrey, BC

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $-$$
Reservation? No

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