Ta bom


Living in the Tri-Cities area, I’m constantly spoiled by the influx of Korean restaurants. The newest addition is Ta bom, a Korean restaurant located in Port Moody known for their Korean barbeque meats served on hot plates that can be dipped with cheese. This place is truly a hole-in-the wall as I actually heard about this place from my brother who checked it out himself with his Korean friend through connections! There’s something about Koreans being hush-hush when it comes to good food 😛

There are five different types of hot plates: Spicy chicken, Bulgogi (beef), Pork, Spicy Pork, and Octopus. All of the orders include egg and corn and it’s  a minimum of 2 orders per table. Add-ons include steamed egg (+$2), corn (+$2), cheese (+$5), or fried rice (+$3).  Their most popular order is the Spicy Chicken, but since some of my friends cannot tolerate spicy food we opted for Beef Bulgogi instead.


Bulgogi ($15.00) per order. Since their hot plates are minimum 2 orders per table, the cost was actually $30 with the add-on of cheese (+$5.00).  Each hot iron plate includes separate compartments for the meat stir fry and side dishes placed on a portable stove top. When the cheese is melted, simply dip the meat in the cheese and eat! Be mindful when the iron plate starts to heat up as the cheese can get burnt and harden pretty quickly! As an avid cheese lover I thought dipping the meat in the cheese was pretty fun and the combination worked really well together.


Bob is always in the mood for some Mul-Naengmyeon or Cold Arrowroot Noodles served in Cold Broth ($9.00) This came with radish, cucumber, boiled egg, and sliced beef flank served on a large stainless steel bowl. Most Korean places give you mustard and vinegar for you to customize the acidity and spice to your preference. Although the noodles were pleasantly chewy, the broth itself was a bit bland. However, it’s a refreshing choice on a hot summer day!

2-3 Person Combo ($65.00) Duck or Pork bone Soup, Japchae, Seafood Pancake, and Salad. The portions were huge!


Green salad tasted very fresh and had a nice vinaigrette dressing.


Japchae – stir fried sweet potato starch noodles with veggies and beef. This tasted pretty average to me and the sauce was a little on the sweeter side.


Seafood Pancake. The pancake tasted mushy and slightly undercooked. However, there was a generous  amount of octopus and baby shrimp packed inside which I commend them for that. Out of all the seafood pancakes I have sampled so far, House of Tofu is by far my favourite place for delicious seafood pancake 🙂


Pork Bone Soup– This was the most disappointing dish of the night. We weren’t anticipating on having Spicy Pork Bone Soup, but rather something similar to Seolleongtang (Ox Bone Soup) 😦 My stomach wasn’t feeling well after the first few sips due to the amount of spiciness in the stew! We ended up packing half of it to-go. If you’re a fan of spicy soup- this would be the perfect comforting dish for you as it is truly full of rich and complex flavours. In terms of authenticity, I am not too sure as it was my first time having Korean pork bone soup!

C-1046 Austen Ave
Coquitlam, BC

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$
Reservation? No

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