Gabi & Jules

There are many advantages when it comes to living in a big city: think better transportation, entertainment, and food options. It’s been almost four years since my big move to the tri-cities and I’m still finding myself adjusting to the change in environment. Although it’s not considered as the “rural” part of town, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to food. Luckily, I’m starting to gradually see some unique places opening up since the announcement of the Evergeen Line.


When I first heard about the grand opening of Gabi & Jules, I was excited to mark this on my food wish list immediately. Gabi & Jules is a bakery located in Port Moody that primarily focuses on pies. Named after their two daughters, Gabi and Jules, the concept behind this bakery was what had drawn me to come here in the first place. For every whole pie purchased, $1 goes toward Autism Support Society and Medicare for Autism in honour of their eldest daughter, Jules, who has autism. In addition to their charity partners, they also aim to promote autism awareness by employing young people diagnosed with autism, creating sense of belonging and inclusiveness in the community.

Storefront entrance. Parking can be found along the street or at the front!

Prior to the opening of Gabi & Jules, owners Lisa and Patrick Beecroft sold their pies at various farmers’ market and all three Caffe Divano locations in Burnaby, Port Moody, and Coquitlam. Limited whole pies are offered daily for $25 and their menu changes based on what’s in season.

Aside from serving up delicious homemade pies free made with natural ingredients, they also sell an assortment of baked goodies ranging from scones to cookies. 

Drinks menu 

IMG_5547.JPGThe shop is very inviting with clean white walls adorned with subtle feminine touches.  You can definitely tell that a lot of time was invested in executing the layout of this place. For a café, it’s considered pretty roomy so finding a table was not a problem for us. They even have picnic tables outside for extra seating!

Goods available for purchase from coffee beans to t-shirts!

IMG_5555.JPGHow cute is this espresso machine?

Arriving at 4pm, we did not expect a lot of variety. Only two pie flavours were offered upon our arrival: Strawberry Ginger Peach and Blackberry Apple Pie. Both my boyfriend and I decided to go with the pie and coffee combo for $6.50. If you like ice cream with your pie, it can be added for an additional $1 (supplied locally by Rocky Point Ice Cream).We found a table to sit down while we waited for our order to arrive.


Strawberry Ginger Peach Pie + Coffee ($6.50) This is their signature pie! My pie had a massive amount of strawberry and peach filling . This pie was certainly more about the filling than the crust! The filling tasted quite fresh and the crust was flaky and buttery. More crust would have been nice to go with the amount of filling I was given with my slice of pie.


Blackberry Apple Pie + Coffee ($6.50) Overall, my boyfriend enjoyed his pie. Despite the unique combination, he thought it was a bit on the sour side from the copious amount of blackberry he was given. He would have preferred a more traditional pie like a simple apple pie to go with his coffee.

With only a handful of pie shops in Greater Vancouver, it’s nice to see unique bakeries branching out of the big city!I hope they have pumpkin pie available when the fall season kicks in!

2302B Clarke St
Port Moody, BC
Rating: 4/5
Price: $
Service: 3.5/5
Reservation? No
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