Ta Bom (2nd visit)

Do you ever find yourself craving the same food for days in a row? With the exception of sushi of course because I could eat that every day….Well, that happened to me! Prior to my flight departure to Southeast Asia, I revisited Ta Bom for round two (just two days after the initial visit)! You can check out my previous visit here. This time around, I brought my boyfriend along to try their Spicy Chicken hot plate! He was the perfect companion since he’s a huge fan of Korean cuisine and spicy food 🙂

Compared to my previous visit, service was not as attentive. We arrived at 7pm and most if not all the tables were occupied. It didn’t help that the restaurant only had two waitresses covering the floor either. So it was quite a nuisance having to get someone’s attention to get our order after sitting around for about ten minutes.

IMG_4302.JPGCanadian Dry Ginger Ale ($2.00)

IMG_4276.JPGBanchan (complimentary) Each table gets three side dishes: bean sprouts, glazed potatoes and kimchi. . Loved the potatoes the most out of the three. Not sure if they offer refills or not :/


IMG_4312.JPGSpicy Chicken Hot Plate  ($30.00) + fried rice (+$3) + cheese (+$5). Each hot plate order is $15.00 with a minimum of two orders. Their hot plate menu pricing can be a bit deceiving if you don’t read the wording carefully! Alternatively, the plate is also known as Dak Galbi which translates to Korean Spicy Chicken Stir Fry that’s commonly combined with rice cake and vegetables. The marinade for this dish was super addictive! Dipping the chicken and rice cakes in the cheese made it much more delicious and interactive.

IMG_4320.JPGDak galbi is typically not served with rice, but I was dying to try it mixed with the leftover sauce we were going to have! Fried rice for dak galbi is usually served towards the end of your meal when you are nearly finished. We requested to have the rice early so that it could be mixed in with our chicken and vegetables. The waitress came out with a huge bowl of steamed rice pre-mixed with sesame oil and shredded seaweed and made stir fry on the spot. We patiently waited a couple of minutes for the rice to crisp up before digging in.

We left the restaurant feeling satisfied and full.

P.S. While I was paying for the bill, the waitress mentioned about seeing me somewhere before! I shamelessly told her it was probably because I was just here two days ago 😛

C-1046 Austen Ave
Coquitlam, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 3/5
Reservation? No
Ta bom Korean Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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