Peninsula Seafood Restaurant

Conveniently located inside Oakridge Mall, Peninsula Seafood is an upscale Chinese restaurant that offers daily dim sum and dinner service. Unlike my Chinese friends, I didn’t really grow up eating dim sum every weekend for family gatherings. Eating out was considered a luxury back then when money was tight. Vivid memories of eating out were only reserved for birthdays or holidays within my family. Since my brothers and I were free the past weekend, we decided to accompany my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment at Oakridge Mall. Coordinating with my brothers for a meal together with grandmother can be difficult at times, but we eventually make it work! 🙂

We were running a bit late (15 minutes) for our dining reservation, but the hostess did not seem too bothered by it. I did hear her muffle in Cantonese that we were considered pretty late, though. The restaurant was relatively empty as most tables were reserved for afternoon dim sum. Since my grandmother has a pretty strict diet, we made sure to order some of her low-sodium friendly dishes 🙂 The cute thing about my grandmother is that she never really expresses what she wants to eat in particular, but we kind of know her dim sum staples!

Preserved Egg, Dried Oyster, and Lean Pork Congee ($9.80) The congee bowl was considered quite large as the five of us were able to each get a bowl of congee. Ingredients were plentiful, similar to the amount you’d probably expect if you were to make your own congee at home! The congee had a good smooth consistency and peanuts were added for that extra crunch.

Steamed Plain Red Rice Roll ($6.80) My grandmother loves eating plain rice rolls at dim sum establishments. Peninsula Seafood offers red rice rolls with spinach as a healthier alternative to plain rice rolls. The red rice rolls had a nutty texture and earthly taste to them. Without the soy sauce, they tasted quite plain and “healthy” .

House Special Shrimp Dumpling ($6.80) Six pieces delicately wrapped in plump shrimp filling. I like how this dish came with six instead of four pieces! Sorry about the misleading photo, my brother ate one before I whipped out my camera 😛

House Special Pork Dumpling ($6.80) This is my little brother’s favourite dim sum staple. The filling was tightly packed with shrimp and pork which lacked the “springy” texture I was looking for.

Steamed Spareribs in Garlic Black Bean Sauce ($6.80) The spareribs were chopped a tad too big. I like my spareribs to be bite sized as it can get quite messy to eat. Taste was good and quality of meat had a good mix of lean and subtle fatty pieces.

Pan Fried Sticky Rice with Special Preserved Meat ($13.80) For the price, I was expecting the portion size to be a lot bigger than a couple of spoonfuls. There was a nice mix of scrambled eggs, corn, dried shrimp, chinese sausage, and green onion. However, this dish was just too oily! I had actually intended to order the Chinese sticky rice wrapped with  lotus wrapped.

Pan Fried Rice Roll with XO Sauce ($9.80) Again, the portion size was extremely small. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining given the fact that this is an upscale restaurant which equates to smaller portion sizes. The pan fried rice rice rolls were below average. Lacked flavour and ‘wok hay’ and was overwhelmingly oily as well. I was unable to detect any hint of XO sauce in it as well.

To sum it all up, my brothers and I sacrificed quality for convenience.

650 41 Ave W
Vancouver, BC
Price: $$
Service: 3/5
Reservation? Yes
Contact: (604) 428-9999

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