Ajisai Sushi Bar

Ajisai Sushi Bar is a place you have to arrive at really early if you don’t want to be waiting outside in the cold for a long period of time. Many locals swear by this place for their fresh selection of sashimi and authenticity. I was in the area so I decided to revisit this … Continue reading Ajisai Sushi Bar


The Mill Cafe

The Mill Café is a new coffee shop that opened up in South Burnaby near the popular Kamamarui Ramen . They’ve been open for almost a month now, but the location is not as heavily trafficked compared to neighbouring coffee shops Camellia and Ki Tea by Royal Oak Station. From the looks of it, the street has … Continue reading The Mill Cafe

American Cheesesteak Co

American Cheesesteak Co is a cheesesteak joint that serves up mouth-watering sandwiches with a modern twist. American Cheesesteak Co was once co-owned by local celebrity Food Network star Chef Anthony Sedlak five years ago. He passed away shortly after its opening, but the restaurant consistently delivers in quality using fresh,locally sourced-ingredients in their sandwiches. Their … Continue reading American Cheesesteak Co


Gyo-O, which translates to “Fish King” is Japanese restaurant located on Sexsmith Road within Continental Mall that specializes in donburi (rice bowls , ramen, and udon noodle soups with focus on seafood. This place is a great alternative to regular Japanese establishments as they put more emphasis on Japanese comfort food rather than sushi. The … Continue reading Gyo-O