Pizzeria Barbarella

My friends and I were trying to figure out a place to go to that everyone would mutually agree on. In the end, we figured pizza would be the safest choice to get everyone to just say yes and show up on time. Between the choices given, we decided to go with Pizzeria Barbarella on East Broadway and Fraser Street as it was the most centralized location of the bunch. They accept reservations except Fridays and Saturdays. I was a bit skeptical about whether we would get a table for 8 people on a Saturday night, so I showed up early (5:50pm) and snagged the last big table they had by the entrance before the dinner rush.


Now, I’ve heard great things about this place prior to their grand opening a few years back by my teammate, James. You know the pizza is going to be good  if your friend was crazy enough to make monthly trips to Abbotsford just for the owner’s pizzas back then. He gave us a quick background and from what I have gathered is… Terry, the owner, previously had a pizza parlour in Abbotsford named Ah Beetz and sold it to open up his own pizzeria here in Vancouver.  Pizzeria Barbarella is named in honour of his mother who passed away before his big move to Vancouver. His old restaurant used to feature New York – style pizzas, but he switched over to Neapolitan style for the crowd here. They open daily using the finest local, organic, and handmade ingredients- down to the cured meats!

Garlic and chili  olive oil for you to drizzle over your pizzas.. mmmm

It took a while for our group to get settled, but good thing the food was not too much of a wait!


Olives ($6) Oven-warmed mixed olives, dressed with citrus and extra virgin olive oil. For starters, we opted for olives- they’re unpitted to preserve taste and quality. The black olives are much softer in texture compared to green olives as they have a lengthier growing time.


Diavola ($17) tomato, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, hot salametti, nicoise olives.

I normally don’t like olives with my pizza, but since my friend highly recommended this one- I took the plunge. The olive flavour was nice and subtle but was a nice compliment to the salami and cheese. There was also a nice kick of spice with my pizza, but it wasn’t too overpowering at all. Overall, I quite enjoyed this one as there was a nice balance between meat, veggie, and cheese. It’s almost like an elevated version of a pepperoni pizza. Everything about this pie was pretty amazing- from the dough to the slightly charred crust and sauce.


Marghertia ($13) tomato, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, fresh basil, grana padano, extra virgin olive oil.

Nice and classic Neapolitan pizza with great tomato sauce and cheese. You can definitely taste the quality and craftsmanship in all of the pizzas here.

IMG_0525.JPGBalboa ($19) tomato, hot pepper sauce, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, spicy salametti, house-made pancetta, hot capocollo, cremini mushrooms, red onion, grana padano.

Oh boy- this one was super spicy! I did not really get much of an enjoyment sampling this one. Although ingredients were plentiful with this one, everything just tasted spicy and nothing more.

Salssiccia ($17) Tomato, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, house-made fennel sausage, pickled peppers, fresh basil, grana padano.

The only thing that was memorable from this pizza was the delicious house made fennel sausage. They were juicy and flavourful.

Our pizza spread…!

Out of the bunch, my favourite by far of the night (not pictured)  was the Funghi ($17) with béchamel, fotina, roasted cremini mushrooms, grana padano, and white truffle oil. I loved everything about this pizza. The cremini mushrooms had a nice distinct earthy nuttiness while the béchamel sauce was creamy and buttery. The truffle oil was very prominent in the pizza, but hey- I love truffle oil on just about anything!

Another noteworthy pizza (also not pictured) was the:

Miele Piccante ($17) tomato, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, hot salametti, chill-infused honey, grana padano. This was another favourite of mine. Out of the ingredients in this pizza, the chili infused honey was what had surprised me the most. The pizza had the perfect sweet and spicy combination that I was not expecting at all.

Overall, my experience here was really great. The servers were really patient and courteous with our group despite people showing up an hour late. Other than the price of the pizzas here, I would definitely revisit this place again if I ever crave pizza again. If you’re not a big eater, one pizza can easily be split between two small stomachs!

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation? Yes (Except Fridays and Saturdays)
Contact: (604) 210-6111
Website: http://www.pizzeriabarbarella.com/

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