Gyo-O, which translates to “Fish King” is Japanese restaurant located on Sexsmith Road within Continental Mall that specializes in donburi (rice bowls , ramen, and udon noodle soups with focus on seafood. This place is a great alternative to regular Japanese establishments as they put more emphasis on Japanese comfort food rather than sushi. The restaurant is operated under Gyoza King Group, which also includes Gyoza King, Chicco, and G-Men Ramen. My boyfriend had to pick his dad up from the airport in the evening, so we decided to have quick dinner here. Similar to many Vancouverites, I’m always in the mood for some Japanese food!

img_0809The décor here is really unique and cute Japanese-woodsy theme going on with wooden slats plastered on one wall and a mural on the other.

IMG_0836.JPGTakoyaki ($6.43) Regular sauce, spicy sauce, negiponzu sauce. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack typically filled with diced tako (octopus) in a wheat flour-based batter. I expected Gyo-O to take on a more traditional approach on their takoyaki adding pickled red ginger and/or dried green seaweed, but they were just garnished with bonito flakes and a standard sauce. I was a little disappointed with this dish as ingredients were sparse and I would have preferred a longer cooking time for a crispier exterior. They were just average in my opinion.

IMG_0820.JPGSeafood Yukke Don ($11.43) Chopper tuna, salmon, squid, prawn, fishcake, takowasabi marinated in sweet soy sauce and half boiled egg. It’s essentially a mixture of chopped sashimi served on a bed of rice. This is my absolute favourite dish at Gyo-O and it’s one of their most popular dishes as well. The soft poached egg is meant to help stir and mix the fresh ingredients together. The sauce was more sweet than savoury in my opinion If you’re not too bothered by the slimy texture, give this dish a try.

IMG_0833.JPGSeafood Tempura Don ($13.81) Prawn, salmon, squid, tempura, unagi, fishcake, vegetable tempura on rice. To my surprise, my boyfriend got this dish! He usually strays away from deep fried foods except chicken karaage or pork cutlet. Since he was super hungry, he didn’t really have much to add other than the fact that he thought it was pretty good. I had a piece of his prawn tempura and thought the marinade went really well with the rice.

The food here is as authentic as it gets here! Please note cash only.

2137-3779 Sexsmith Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: $
Reservation? No
Contact: (604) 295-4072

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2 thoughts on “Gyo-O

  1. Bob says:

    The last time I went I had some mentaiko udon thing, wouldn’t recommend it! It had no flavor at all and it was really liquidy which gave it all a weird texture.


    • Cindy says:

      Thanks for the tip! i’ve always been hesistant to try the other stuff on their menu so I either stick with their seafood yukke don or oyster milk ramen :9

      I remember my friend ordered a cold udon dish but the portion was really small >_<


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