Osamu Sushi

Osamu Sushi has been operating at the same spot for 22 years in the Tri-Cities area. If that isn't impressive enough, the sushi chef himself is also Japanese. Does that make this place authentic enough? Well, not exactly. The place has grown so much over the past few decades that the menu itself has catered … Continue reading Osamu Sushi


Bubble World

As someone who used to frequent Bubble World as a kid, you could say that I'll always have a soft spot for them. Bubble World has been a long standing bubble tea joint in the Lower Mainland for ages. And by ages I mean for almost two decades! My boyfriend and I had intended to check … Continue reading Bubble World


Raisu is the newest addition to the Tamaru Shoten Group that owns other successful notable Japanese Izakayas Kingyo, Suika,and Rajio in Vancouver. Similar to their sister restaurants, Raisu serves a great selection of unique Japanese tapas, entrees, and cocktails. If you have been to any of their sister restaurants, you could expect the menu and … Continue reading Raisu

Ramen Koika

Whenever someone suggests ramen for dinner, the first thing that always comes to mind is: line-ups. Ramen Koika is located on David Street amidst many other culturally diverse restaurants in the area. As you may or may not already know, Vancouver Downtown is filled with ramen shops, but Ramen Koika is the only standing ramen … Continue reading Ramen Koika

Ding Hao

Desperate for food before my appointment at the Apple Store in Coquitlam, my boyfriend and I came here for a casual and quick dinner. Ding Hao, which translates to "awesome", is a Taiwanese establishment that specializes in Taiwanese beef noodle soup and dry noodles. My boyfriend and I have been coming here for two years … Continue reading Ding Hao