The time has finally come… poké has arrived in Vancouver!

IMG_1206.JPGThe poké phenomenon has been spreading rapidly over the last few months and I finally got a chance to see what the hype was all about at Pokérrito in downtown Vancouver. I know I’m a few months late into the poké craze… I wanted to wait for this place to die down a bit and avoid having to line up  😛 It’s a smart tactic to wait for new establishments to settle down a bit and give them time to sort out their kinks as well. 😛

Now I’m not too sure if I would even consider Pokérrito to be a “poké” establishment because none of their raw fish are marinated. 😦  Poké is a traditional Hawaiian food that consists of raw fish cut into bite-sized pieces and marinated sesame oil, shoyu (soy sauce), salad mix-ins, and seasonings. In Hawaii, you can find poke served everywhere from sit down restaurants, surf shacks, grocery stores to even gas stations.  You can bet that poke will be the next big fast casual restaurant trend for their appeal to health-conscious consumers.

IMG_1200.JPGPokérrito specializes in made to order hand-held sushi burritos that are customizable! Aside from their signature “burritos” they also offer rice bowls or salad topped with your choice of protein and toppings. If you’re feeling indecisive, they do have signature combinations listed on their menu board. Their quick order and pick up system does make a convenient to-go meal option since there isn’t much seating in the restaurant. The concept is pretty cool given that you are able to customize your bowl any form from:

  • Base
  • Choice of protein (s)
  • Toppings
  • Mix-ins
  • Sides
  • Sauces
  • Crunch

The staff had a bit of a trouble understanding my order since there’s a glass that acts as a barricade. Communication was difficult so she heavily relied on my hand gestures as a guide which was quite frustrating for me . After you finish ordering your combo, you walk over to the other end of the line to pay upfront.

Selection of protein for you to pick and choose. For vegetarians, tofu is available!

You’re allowed up to five toppings which include edamame, corn, masago, ginger, masago, etc. Extra toppings (+$0.50)

Mix-ins and sides include cucumber, green onion, lettuce, and wakame (seaweed salad)

Sushi Burrito (Regular $10.50,  Large $12.95) Regular includes two toppings and the large includes three toppings. The staff who had helped me was pretty stingy with my protein toppings.. I wasn’t even given a full scoop for my spicy tuna and albacore tuna :/ The lady actually scooped cubes off too!  I didn’t want to over stuff my burrito too much so I stuck with avocado (+$1), wakame, ginger, radish sprout, wasabi, masago, and cucumber with umami house dressing.

Overall, my burrito was just average- it reminded me of a gigantic tuna sushi roll with fillers more than anything since it’s not exactly poké. It wasn’t bad or anything but I cannot say I left feeling satisfied. I’m glad that I finally got to check this place off my wish list and I’m ready for my next “poke” adventure.

558 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Reservation? No
Contact: (778)379-1115
Website: http://www.pokerrito.ca/

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