Miracle Waffle Bar

IMG_1247.JPGMiracle Waffle Bar is a dessert café that specializes in sweet and savoury liege and brussels waffles in Coquitlam. Brussels waffles are rectangular in shape and have a lighter and crispier batter. Liege waffles, on the other hand, are made with a thicker batter similar to bread dough and are thick and sticky in texture. I’m not a big fan of liege as I find them quite heavy especially when being paired with ice cream and/or whipped cream. My boyfriend and I decided to revisit this place for brunch since it was close by and to see whether consistency has remained the same after two years.

IMG_1266.JPGThe place used to have really cute hipster décor like christmas tree lights hanging along the ceiling. Not sure why they decided to have them removed because it really gave this place character! The place was really empty when we arrived.. I think about two tables were occupied out of the fifteen or so tables they have. Getting the waitress’s attention was a bit slow as she had to also deal with take out orders and the floor plan is quite odd, so I felt a little shafted sitting by the entrance away from the till.

IMG_1265.JPGI’ve noticed that they have added more savoury and sweet options with their waffles and also shaved ice as another dessert option.

Drinks Menu 

IMG_1275.JPGBoth of us got drinks to start. I had the Cappuccino ($3.50) while my boyfriend had an Americano ($3). He wanted coffee but they didn’t have any available that day. 🙄 They were both pretty standard nothing worth mentioning.

IMG_1277.JPGMochaholic ($7.50) Ice Cream, chocolate, espresso whipped cream. You get to choose either brussels or liege with your waffles. I was a bit disappointed with the brussels waffle as it was quite bland and cold. It didn’t taste freshly made out of the waffle iron even though our order took forever! The vanilla ice cream tasted like your average big-box vanilla ice cream from Superstore or Walmart. You get two scoops of the same ice cream for this waffle: one giant one for the middle and a tiny scoop on the side. The only highlight was the espresso whipped cream which was delicious.

IMG_1283.JPGHam & Cheese ($8.50) Ham, cheese, green salad with balsamic sauce. Boyfriend also opted for brussels waffle to go with his order. One thing we both noticed firsthand was the powdered sugar all over his plate. We were confused because this is a savoury waffle! He wasn’t a big fan of his waffle either. There was also just too much balsamic vinegar on his plate which made it quite unsatisfying for him.

Standards here aren’t up to par with the popular Nero’s Waffle Bar but hey I can only dream.. guess I’ll have to stick with Nero’s to get my waffle fix from now on. Even if it means having to drive out 30+ minutes.

160-2950 Glen Drive

Rating: 2.5/5

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