Samsoonie Noodle & Rice

Samsoonie is a local family run Korean restaurant nestled in a plaza on Westminster Highway in Richmond. Knowing that this place gets busy even on weeknights, I made reservations in advance to avoid having to wait for a table. Samsoonie has been on my wish list for a while now since they offer certain specialty dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. Between the four of us, I took the liberty of ordering for our table because I had already compiled a list prior to our dinner date 🙂

IMG_1389.JPGThe tea was really bland and tasteless in my opinion. Could have been steeped a little longer for a bolder flavour.

IMG_6243.JPGFirst to arrive at the table were banchan (complimentary side dishes). We were only given kimchi and bean sprouts. Both were just average as they didn’t taste well seasoned. I wish they offered more variety, too!

IMG_1416.JPGDeep Fried Dumplings (5 pcs: $4.99; 10 pcs: $8.99) As a huge fan of dumplings in general, it was a no brainer that I ordered some dumplings for sharing. I’m not sure if they make their dumplings in house, but they were insanely delicious! The dumplings had a nice crispy exterior and filling was well seasoned. If you’re not feeling deep fried dumplings, they also offer boiled, pan fried, or steamed dumplings here!

img_1431Chicken Katsu ($10.99) This came with fries, rice, side salad, and two pieces of deep fried chicken cutlets. Who doesn’t love a piece of crispy, light, and delicious fried chicken coated with panko? The chicken katsu was extra crispy, but the meat was a tad dry. For the price, the portion size is great for sharing! My friend said he would have preferred the pieces to be cut thicker. Overall, I would order this again.

IMG_6247.JPGBeef Kimbap ($6.99) Pretty standard Korean beef roll. This came with beef bulgogi, burdock, egg, radish, spinach, and carrot. Compared to other places, the rolls here are huge here! I prefer Kimbap Cheonguk more for a better flavour profile for half the price as well.

IMG_1456.JPGSpicy Rice Cakes ($10.99) Two types of rice cakes, fish cake, potato noodles, and egg. Spicy rice cakes normally come with ramen noodles, but I’m not too sure why ours came with potato noodles because a lot of other people’s spicy rice cake came with ramen… 🙄 This was the most disappointing dish of the night as the rice cakes were either overcooked or undercooked and the potato noodles were way too chewy and mushy. Their sauce was decently spicy, but it was rather bland in taste. We left the dish unfinished.


Bossam (Small: $24.99; Large: $47.99)Bossam is a traditional Korean boiled pork wrap dish full of deliciousness! Pork belly or pork shoulder can be used for this dish. At Samsoonie, they use pork belly that gets thinly sliced and you accompany the meat with exotic ingredients to wrap with using lettuce or cabbage. Some of the sauces were gochujang and fermented baby shrimp sauce. According to Koreans, the shrimp sauce helps digest the pork belly! The pork belly had a good ratio of meat to fat and the sauce pairings were really unique. For the large order, they require at least two hours’ advance notice!

IMG_6251.JPGVariety of greens you eat with pork belly ranging from lettuce, cabbage, radish to coriander.

If you ever find yourself craving Korean, Samsoonie is a great place to get a filling meal that’s also a great value!

8211 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC

Rating: 3.75/4
Price: $-$$
Service: 3/5
Reservation? Yes
Contact:(778) 297-7798

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