Aji Kura

Bob had a Groupon for Aji Kura and invited me to tag along so that she could redeem it before the expiry date. When there’s food involved, you can count on me to be there! I find that lesser known restaurants heavily rely on Groupon to keep them afloat these days. If you were to search up Groupon’s current offers right now.. there really isn’t much of a selection and you probably have never heard of over half of the restaurants in your life as well 😛

Aji Kura is a Chinese-owned Japanese restaurant in East Vancouver. For such a small and intimate restaurant, they accommodate reservations! The most obvious thing to do was to make reservations of course 😉 The place was bustling with young families and high schoolers getting their lunch fix on a Saturday afternoon. There’s only one waitress manning the entire floor so you have to be quite patient and understanding if you ever want your food to arrive on your table in a timely manner.

With our Groupon voucher, we were given a sheet of paper to check off items we wanted in the different categories. For the amount of food we got – it was quite the deal!

The deal included:

  • Two miso soups
  • One order of spicy tuna tartare or salt-baked saba
  • One order of truffle tuna carpaccio or truffle salmon carpaccio
  • One order of takoyaki or ‘Yam Bam Bam’
  • Two entrees: ramen or chef’s special roll

IMG_1457.JPGTwo bowls of miso soup: The miso soup tasted diluted to me.. I normally like to have my miso soup before any meal for portion control but I didn’t finish my bowl (which is rare of me to do)

IMG_1470.JPGYam Bam Bam: Yam tempura with house-made mayo and roe. Bob was anticipating the yellow sweet potatoes since she likes them more than orange yam tempura. She didn’t really eat much of it but I thought they were pretty good! Nicely battered and crunchy. Just a little too much batter to yam ratio though 😛

IMG_1511.JPGSalt-Baked Saba: The saba was way overcooked, dry, and had a fishy taste to it. This dish was a huge disappointment! My gut feeling tells me they were probably just frozen mackerel fillets improperly thawed before serving 🙄

IMG_1474.JPGTruffle Tuna Carpaccio: This came with 8 pieces of sliced tuna sashimi topped with a truffle dressing and tempura bits. There was a strong artificial truffle oil essence that complimented the tuna well. The sashimi tasted pretty fresh and texture was pretty on point with other Japanese establishments.

IMG_1479.JPGI Love U Roll : Spicy salmon, smoked salmon, scallop, cucumber in spicy sauce . I find special rolls are too ‘westernized’ for my liking since there’s always a lot of mayo involved and ‘sauces’ that include even more mayo in it. I could have asked for less sauce but totally forgot to mention it to the waitress. I was expecting aburi salmon since it indicated “torched” salmon but the only salmon I was able to detect was the smoked salmon.

IMG_1513.JPGSashimi Cold Ramen: with assorted sashimi, veggies and light spicy sauce. They also offer Shoyu, Shio, and Miso Ramen for sharing. The cold ramen was all right. There were plentiful ingredients inside the only odd thing about it was the cooked saba thrown in with the raw sashimi. The noodles had a good bite to them however the sauce/dressing used as in the ramen was too tangy/acidity.

5857 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Reservation? Yes
Contact: 604 559 1100
Website: www.ajikura.ca

Aji-Kura Ramen And Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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