Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant

Hello everyone!

The past few weeks have been kind of crazy and emotional. I was recently involved in a motor vehicle accident and it was quite an unsettling experience for me. I’ve noticed a huge drop in energy level so there’s been a loss of motivation to go out in general. Quite evident by the lack of posts lately! Although I haven’t been going out much lately, I do have a few posts that I want to share with you all! I promise I will gradually post them all in a timely manner….hopefully.

Anyway, I did manage to go out to a few places and one of them was Dragon Group Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. Dragon group overtook South Ocean Seafood Restaurant’s old location so I was curious to check it out with my friends for our annual dim sum meet up. The configuration of this place hasn’t changed much. Décor wise, it is a bit more upscale, but in an old school way. And when restaurants go upscale, does that create a justification for higher prices…? We’ll find out!

They offer a lot of dim sum staples ranging from steamed dim sum, baked pastries, fried dim sum, rice rolls, sweet dim sum, and chef specialties. Each of us checked off a few things we wanted to tryout along with the usuals.

IMG_1750.JPGPork Shiu Mai with Truffle ($5.50)
I opted to not try the pork shiu mai since I’m not a huge fan of shiu mai in general. My friends didn’t really have much to say although they did high expectations for them.

IMG_1756.JPGSteamed Crystal Prawn Dumplings ($5.50)
Dumpling skin was on the thick side but the prawn filling made up for it. I thought the filling had the perfect texture with a great snap to them. I liked how they included whole shrimps in the filling as well!

IMG_1765.JPGRice Rolls with BBQ Pork & Greens ($5.25)
Rice Rolls with Beef & Cilantro ($5.25)

The steamed rolls tasted really fresh and tasted light and thin. However, the filling for both rolls were pretty disappointing. I’m not too sure if it’s personal preference but I like my char siew lean with fatty bits for that nice chewy texture! The BBQ pork filling didn’t have a good mixture of fat and lean meat to work with leaving the overall dish tasteless and dry. And the ‘Beef & Cilantro’ rice roll just tasted odd. I wasn’t sure if I was eating beef at all :/

IMG_1752.JPGDuck Meat Pastry with Taro Roots in Portugese Sauce ($5.25)

Taro dumplings are quite different from regular dumplings as they have a delicately crispy exterior and soft interior comprised of usually taro and ground pork. Dragon Group did a spin on it with duck meat. However, it was another disappointing dish. The portugese sauce in the duck meat filling had hints of curry spice that was pretty off-putting to me. I couldn’t really taste any duck meat in the filling as well.

IMG_1744.JPGBaked Mini Pineapple Buns with BBQ Pork ($4.75)

This dish came with three mini sized pineapple buns. Compared to the BBQ rice rolls, the filling for these buns were much more appetizing with a good mix of lean and fatty char siu. As for the pineapple buns, they tasted pretty standard and spot on.

Baked Wasabi Seafood Tarts ($5.50)
The seafood tarts were probably our most anticipated dish of all due to its uniqueness. But the good news stops here as they were also a huge letdown. There was no hint of wasabi and the filling tasted like canned seafood chowder. The puff pastry crust came out too soft, too. 😦

IMG_1754.JPGRice Rolls with Beef Tendon & Brisket in Hot Pot ($9.25)
My friend wanted beef tendon so I suggested to get the hot pot with rice rolls since you get the best of both worlds, right? Wrong! The rice rolls were way overcooked and mushy and the beef tendons were cut way out of proportion as they were huge. Beef brisket and sauce tasted pretty good though.

IMG_1759.JPGPan Fried Daikon Cake with Spicy XO Sauce ($8.25)
The pan fried daikon cake tasted fresly deep fried which was a good sign. I just wish they incorporated more XO sauce into the dish to give it more heat.

IMG_1769.JPGSteamed Custard Bun ($4.75)
The steamed custard buns turned out soft and tender with the right amount of sweetness. Every restaurant has their own interpretation of steamed custard buns. some contain salted duck egg, coconut milk, or even condensed milk. Dragon Group does a more traditional take as the filling is firm compared to other places that have a flowing molten salted egg yolk filling like Sun Sui Wah

img_1772Deep Fried Tofu with Golden Garlic ($7.25)
This one was a hit and miss. I personally liked it a lot due to the deep fried batter they used. I would say the outside batter kind of resembled the breading for chicken nuggets 😕 My boyfriend thought the batter was way too oily – he got a bit sick from eating it apparently 😦 My friends weren’t a big fan of them either and joked that if they were to ever become vegetarian, this dish would be the closest to eating chicken nuggets for them.

Curiosity led me here but that was pretty much it. 🙄

4751 Garden City Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 2/5
Price: $$
Service: 2/5
Reservation? Yes
Contact: 604 278 1233

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