Snowy Village Dessert Cafe

Snowy Village is a dessert chain from Asia that specializes in Korean shaved ice known as “bingsoo” or “patbingsu”. To date, they have a total of three locations here in the Lower Mainland: Richmond, Vancouver, and their addition in Coquitlam. You can read my about Richmond review here. What I love most about Snowy Village’s version of bingsoo is that their base is made with a mixture of Canadian milk and condensed milk giving their shaved ice a nice sweetness and finer consistency compared to regular ice shave made with just water.

I have been anticipating their Coquitlam location for months since it’s much closer to home than the other two chains. They recently had a grand opening the past weekend offering patrons a free taiyaki with purchase of one regular bingsoo. My boyfriend’s mom decided to tag along with us so we got two orders of bingsoo 🙂

IMG_2390.JPGA sample of their menu. Aside from bingsoo, they also offer an extensive drinks menu, taiyaki, toast, and many more!

IMG_2421.JPGInjeolmi Bingsoo (Regular: $8; Large: $10) Injeolmi is a traditional Korean dessert loaded with glutinous rice cakes, mochi, and sweetened red bean paste dusted roasted soybean powder. The smoothness of the milk shavings alone were soft yet instantaneous melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Every bite had the perfect amount of sweetness. Each bingsoo is served in a cold metal pot that helps preserve the coolness of the shaved ice.

IMG_2414.JPGMatcha Bingsoo (Regular: $8; Large: $10) Similar to the injeolmi bingsoo, this came with rice cakes, mocha, and sweetened red bean paste-but dusted with matcha powder. The matcha was really subtle in this one which was a bit disappointing! Towards the bottom, it got a little bit too sweet. I’m assuming the layers they created with the condensed milk ended up sinking at the very bottom 😛

IMG_2431.JPGTaiyaki (Regular $3.50 each/ 3 for $10) We received two complimentary taiyakis with our order for their grand opening promotion with choice of either red bean or custard filling. I didn’t have a good experience with their custard taiyaki back at the Richmond location, so I stuck with red bean.Boyfriend and his mom are huge fans of red bean anyway so it was a win-win situation 😛 Snowy Village uses croissant dough which creates a dense and crispy texture. They weren’t as buttery and sweet as Richmond’s Snowy Village but still really good with the red bean filling. I also like how they’re made fresh to order, just like all of their locations! 🙂

Not too sure if boyfriend and I will come back for shaved ice since we’re both lactose intolerant, but we’ll be back for sure to try their injeolmi toast and other taiyakis!

Tip: Their parking lot access is a bit tricky so I would recommend parking along the street or at Coquitlam mall which is only a block away!

100-1188 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $
Service: n/a
Reservation? No

Snowy Village Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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