Fondway Cafe

Fondway Cafe is conveniently located right behind Metrotown Skytrain Station in Burnaby specializing in asian-inspired pastries and drinks. The moment you step inside the cafe, there’s a bit of a hipster/vintage feel to it which gives this place a nice and relaxing atmosphere. This place can only accommodate a maximum occupancy of 30 people so seating is definitely limited here. They have a huge communal table at the back and a few small tables scattered throughout the place.

It’s been almost a year since my last visit with them so I decided to revisit the place and check out the latest additions on their menu. From social media, they recently added a specialty drink known as Green YuanYeung Matcha Matcha Tea Latte with Coffee Agar ($6.95).

Green YuanYeung Matcha Matcha Tea Latte with Coffee Agar ($6.95) According to its name, the drink consists of matcha, milk, and espresso fused into one.This can be enjoyed either hot or cold. You can see the distinctive (and beautiful!) three layers of the colour gradient : green, white, and brown. Give the ice-filled drink a good mix-in before you take a sip! Personally, I thought the level of sweetness was perfect! Compared to green tea latte, the flavour is much lighter with a more prominent flavour of milk in the mixture.  The subtle bitter notes from the espresso added a nice depth to overall dominating flavour. Pricey for a drink, but it was a quite the unique experience.

IMG_2460.JPGSince my drink was a daily special, it came with two complimentary coconut shortbread cookies! Mmm.

Coffee Cake ($5.95) Simple coffee cake with layered salted caramel and coffee buttercream frosting topped with whole coffee . The cake was similar to a chiffon cake – it was light – more on the bland side though as the coffee taste was extremely subtle. As a habitual coffee drinker, I love all types of coffee-infused desserts. Unfortunately, this one was a letdown. The only saving grace was the coffee buttercream frosting!

For a coffee shop, Fondway Cafe creates delicious handcrafted espresso based drinks but the food here can be a hit or miss.

4462 Beresford Street
Burnaby, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $
Service: n/a
Reservation? No
Contact: (604) 283-6997

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