L’otus Cake Boutique


L’otus Cake Boutique is a new dessert shop in Richmond that specializes in mille crêpe. Mille Crêpe, which translates to “a thousand sheets of crêpes” is essentially layers of crêpes sandwiched between thin layers of light pastry cream. I first heard of the concept when I visited Lady M In New York back in 2014! Lady M still remains as my all time favourite dessert place after all these years so you could say I was quite excited to see Lotus Cake’s take on the classic French cake.

 After weeks of frequenting Lotus Cake Boutique’s Instagram updates, a foodie had left a tip that you can reserve their cakes in advance. Two days prior to coming here, I had reserved their matcha and earl grey mille crêpe. The lady on the phone was really courteous and friendly and explained that I can show up any time between their opening hours from 12pm-6pm. The flexibility was a bonus since my boyfriend and I were making the drive out from Tri-Cities! Parking can be a bit tricky here as they have limited parking spots outside the store front. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, they are within proximity to the Continental Plaza where popular restaurants like Yuu Tapas, Gyo-O, and Le Tea are.

Lotus Cake Boutique has a really beautiful atmosphere where you can indulge your sweet tooth! Interior is really clean and inviting. Unfortunately, they only have a few tables to fit maybe 10-15 people max at a time. Luckily a table was just finishing up, otherwise I think my boyfriend and I would have had to take our reserved cakes to go! Boyfriend and I ordered two drinks to go with our anticipated crêpe cakes! With only two staff members working the store front, I could tell that they were a bit stressed out! The barista totally forgot about our drink orders because her mind was occupied somewhere else.. oh well! We were really understanding 🙂


Americano ($3.50 12 oz) Boyfriend got the Americano. It was nice and smooth with no bitter aftertaste.


Matcha Latte ($5.25) Normally I like to only indulge my matcha in sweets like cakes or cookies over high caloric lattes. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they served my matcha latte in a traditional ceramic tea bowl! Compared to most cafes that automatically include the sugar for you, Lotus will provide a sugar packet for you to adjust the sweetness yourself. The vibrant matcha latte was both delicious and energizing!IMG_7071.JPG

Matcha Crêpe Cake ($8) As an avid matcha lover, I had to get my hands on their matcha cake despite mixed reviews on social media. The matcha and cream was really off putting. Despite a generous dusting of matcha powder on top, I couldn’t really taste any matcha infused in the mille crêpe at all. The layers of crêpe and pastry cream were unbalanced as there was way more pastry cream than crepe creating a very overwhelming experience every bite. Sad to say that this was a definite miss for me 😦


Earl Grey Crêpe Cake($8.50) The fragrant infusion of earl grey between each delicate layer of crêpe made each bite heavenly! The garnish of whole tea leaves and edible gold flakes was also a nice touch to the cake. It tasted pretty similar to Lady M’s Earl Grey Mille Crêpe when I visited their Hong Kong location last summer, too! Boyfriend was also a huge fan of the earl grey-he literally described it as “very earl grey” 😛

Swing by if you want to try the novelty of a mille crêpe and have a place for a treat yourself kind of occasion 😉 Definitely order their cake slices in advance to avoid disappointment as we did see quite a few potential customers turned away!

103-8580 Cambie Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation? Yes (for cakes only)
Contact: (604) 285-9925

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