Chau Veggie

Chau Veggie is the perfect place to enjoy a meal for those who are health conscious. They serve up mostly vegetarian/vegan based spin on Vietnamese food ranging from noodles, soups, curries, salads, including delicious vegan friendly desserts! Chau Veggie definitely hits the trifecta: good food, plant based, and budget friendly options that will leave you feeling full and satisfied every visit.


It just so happened to be Chau Veggie’s 6th anniversary! There’s a bit of a cafeteria atmosphere to it as you have to pay first at the front and sit at their large communal tables or countertop seats.

Venus and I decided to come here for a catch up date before her big move to the states. We decided to come here as a Plan B since our original plan failed, but I’m so glad we got to check this place out together!


Bai Sao Beach Chips ($6.75) Hand-cut taro chips and spiced paprika garlic organic tofu dip. For starters, we got their popular hand cut taro chips to share between the two of us. Calling this an appetizer might be a bit of a stretch as the portion size is huge! We only managed to finish about 1/3 of it and had to pack the rest to go. The taro chips were super fresh and tasty. The organic tofu dip definitely elevated the dish as it was packed with flavour.


Candlelit Lantern Pho Soup ($10) Star anise, cinnamon & cardamon soup, organic tofu, lotus root, beancurd, mushrooms, herbs, daikon, flat rice noodles, side beansprouts. You may notice from their menu that they have a lot of gluten free/ gluten free options! Venus quite enjoyed her pho- I found the soup to be slightly sweet!


All of their noodle bowls come with complimentary bean sprout and a variety of fresh herbs you normally find accompanied with pho.


Rice Fields Bowl ($12) Flat rice noodle bowl, dark soy mushroom garlic sauce, seasonal vegetables, organic tofu, kale, pineapple, beansprouts, herbs, and lemon. This bowl was so delicious and hearty! I love how they don’t skimp out on the veggies here. I really wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy it that much! The portion size was huge as well- had to pack half of it to go which I happily devoured later that day 🙂


Side cup of savoury lychee-date broth that came with my Rice Fields Bowl. Refreshingly light and wholesome. Could have easily had another cup of this !

Check this place out if you haven’t! You won’t be disappointed.

5052 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation?: No

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