Taka’s Sushi

As a food blogger, you could say I eat out quite a bit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I go crazy and order more than enough food required for the sole purpose of generating blog posts (which explains the lack of posts as of late :P) . I do find myself getting pressured to over order all the time, but luckily eating out with groups of 3 or more helps relieve that pressure when you get to split the cost and order a bit of everything!

A few weeks ago, it was Bob’s birthday, so a group of friends and I met up at Taka’s Sushi for a surprise birthday dinner. Bob and I have been talking about coming here for years.. pretty much ever since the both of us obtained our driver’s license. I’m glad that after all these years, we finally made it happen!

Taka’s Sushi is a cozy restaurant located in White Rock with very limited seating. It’s a first-come-first-serve basis, so wait time could upwards to about an hour here! Many people trek from all over the Lower Mainland for the food here. From what I gather, the chef is Chinese, but was previously trained in Japan before opening up the original Taka’s minutes away prior to the fire. Staff here are all fluent in mandarin. IMG_4334.JPG
Cute decor on the countertop 🙂

After an hour long wait, I was feeling famished by the time we got to our table!

We were promptly served with some green after getting seated. It took a while for our server to take down our order though.

Miso Soup ($2.00) ​Homemade soybean soup with shiitake mushrooms, tofu and green onions. I quite enjoyed my miso soup. The addition shiitake mushrooms really added a nice earthy and nutty taste.

Ebi-Ebi (left$7.75) Spicy prawn, cucumber and masago, rolled in soybean sheet, topped with prawn, avocado and spicy sauce

Aloha Papaya (right; ) Papaya, prawn, avocado, lettuce, and masago rolled in soybean sheet and topped with pistachio bits

CC was super conservative that night since he didn’t want to make a huge dent on his wallet. He really didn’t have much to say about his rolls.

Negitoro Maki ($5.50) Tuna belly, green onions and sesame seeds . Bob, Barb, and I were quite disappointed with their negitoro roll. The texture of the toro wasn’t as smooth and velvety due to the lack of fattiness.

Snowy Rocky ($12.00) Spicy tuna and cucumber, topped with barbecued eel, and decorated with crunchy flakes, sesame seeds, unagi sauce and green onions. Through the recommendation of CC’s friend, Barb and Bob went with this roll. The combination of this roll was quite enjoyable although I do believe the spicy tuna as promised was swapped with chopped scallop instead. Pictured below.. anyway I enjoyed the sweetness of the eel and the crunchy flakes on the outside gave the roll an interesting texture but it didn’t really blow my mind.

Yeah, not spicy tuna.

Our aburi platter! Talk about $$$ 😛

Taka’s is really well known for their ‘aburi’ sushi, which means flame seared sushi. Once flame is applied to the sushi, it supposedly enhances the natural flavour of the fish. Different specialty sauces are added accordingly to complement the searing process.

Aburi Flounder Fringe ($3.75) This was melt in your mouth delicious!

Aburi Sablefish ($3.50) I thought the sablefish was slightly overtorched, which didn’t really bring out the delicate flavour of the fish 😦

Aburi Sea Scallop ($3.75) The scallop had a nice smoky charring on the surface which enhanced the natural flavour of the scallop. They tasted quite fresh and great firm texture.

Aburi Foie Gras ($7.50) This was by far my favourite aburi of the night and it also came with an unpleasant price tag 😛 I didn’t really know what to expect ! But the moment it landed in my mouth… it was heavenly. Rich and fatty.

Aburi Atlantic Salmon Toro ($2.75) Bo wanted to try the aburi salmon since she’s a huge fan of Miku’s take on aburi salmon. However, this fell short of her expectations as she was expecting something similar to Miku. She wasn’t a fan of the both taste and texture.

Bluefin O-Toro ($8.50) This was probably the most anticipated aburi of the night. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one as it lacked freshness. Again, I think it was slightly over torched like the sablefish which  ruined the natural flavour of the bluefin o-toro.

After visiting this place, I can attest why some people may say it’s overrated. Given the amount of traffic and loyal customers they have, I guess they’re not going anywhere soon. Despite the hit and miss , I would definitely come back for their aburi foie gras and flounder fringe in a heartbeat. However, the service is a bit of a turnoff as other tables had their food pumped out faster than us.. I guess you have your perks for being regulars?

1459 Johnston Rd
White Rock

Rating: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Price: $$$
Reservation? No
Website: http://www.taka.ca/

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