By now, I’m sure many of you Vancouverites have heard of Matsuzushi, a Japanase mom and pop establishment located in Port Moody best known for their affordable omakase. Omakase is a Japanese phrase that translates to ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ where patrons entrust the chef to serve the best he has to offer according to what’s available. In a sense, omakase is similar to a tasting menu and the best way to experience it is right at the sushi bar where you watch and interact with the chef as he prepares the food in front of you.

At Matsuzushi, it’s $25 for omakase that consists of 11 pieces chef’s choice nigiri and 1 piece chef’s choice temaki. The boyfriend firs took me here for my birthday back in February (it was $22 then) and I’ve been coming back on a monthly basis since! I figured after my third visit, it was about time that I brought my camera along and capture the experience.

Reservations are a must especially on the weekend if you’re wanting omakase!

Hamachi (Yellowtail Tuna) 

Ika (Squid)

Ebi (Shrimp)



Tai (Red Snapper)


Ama Ebi

Kampachi (Amberjack)
This was my favourite!! The texture was so smooth and velvety.

At first I had no idea what I was eating so I politely asked the chef what he had just served our party. Due to his limited English, he was unable to translate it back to me in English so he googled it with his iPad! He’s so cute 😀

Uni (Sea Urchin)

IMG_4777.JPGpinch of salt…

IMG_4778.jpgA brush of nikiri (sweet soy sauce)

A little surprise! Kani Miso Soup during our meal. The miso soup was really delicious and I loved the addition of diced daikon. Added a subtle sweetness to the soup.

Alas, the final item… negitoro temaki !

So delicious!

Chef Toshiaki brought this out to see if we were interested since we weren’t leaving 😛 My brother was still feeling a little famished so he decided to splurge and treat Janine and me each one more piece of nigiri as the finale.

Sayori (Japanse Half Beak)

Precise knife skills…!

Sayori (Japanese Half Beak $5.00/piece) The texture of the fish was more on the firm side. It had a nice clean fishy taste to it – just a tad bland in my opinion. It was nice try something new though!

Overall, I thought this experience was just as good as my past experiences here for omakase. Everything tasted fresh and the chef gets his fish flown from Japan I believe so you can always expect something different every time!

4-3130 Saint John St
Port Moody, BC

Rating: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Price: $$
Reservation? Yes
Website: No
Contact: (604) 949-0678

Matsuzushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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