Myst Asian Fusion

In the last few years, there’s been a proliferation of Asian restaurants popping up across the Lower Mainland  featuring sub varieties of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese. I’ve also started to notice an influx of bubble tea chains flocking over to the West Coast … not that I’m complaining 😛 Being a food blogger, it’s hard to go outside my love for asian cuisine! As of late, Myst Asian Fusion, a Taiwanese establishment in South Burnaby has been generating quite the buzz. Their menu is catered more towards Taiwanese comfort food like beef noodle soup, hot pot, rice dishes, and popular street snacks that one can get from the alleys of Taiwan night markets (popcorn fried chicken, beef rolls, tofu, etc).

The restaurant is located right next to Szechuan Cuisine so they share the same parking lot. The place is quite spacious and similar to many existing Taiwanese restaurants with a clean, modern look. I was surprised to see how well ventilated the place is! You can always expect a crowd during rush hour for lunch and dinner so best to come early around 5:45pm/6pm to be guaranteed a seat and parking spot!

Beef Cake Roll ($7.50) I personally thought the beef cake roll was pretty spot on. The slices of beef were soft and tender and had a decent amount of hoisin and green onion to crank up the flavour. The pancake skin leaned more on the thicker side but the exterior was crisp. I wouldn’t mind ordering this again.

Three Spice Chicken
($12.75) Boyfriend got this in a combo set which includes a bowl of rice and two sides. If you want to add a drink to any of their set menus, it’s an extra $3 for their regular milk teas. This dish is definitely on the more expensive side – the chicken pieces were moist and flavourful and had a good balance of the soy, rice wine, and sesame oil. Only downside was the amount of ginger slices loaded on the plate! We had to keep picking through the pile of ginger to get to the chicken.

Regular white rice to go with the Three Spice Chicken.

Chinese Spinach with Bean Curd 

Blanched Cabbage I would say Myst definitely has better side dishes compared to most Taiwanese restaurants! Both were fresh and aromatic with the nice hint of sesame oil incorporated. Portion size was also great, too.

Salt and Pepper Chicken Rice Set ($10.50)  My favourite go to dish when at Taiwanese restaurants! I almost always order this dish whenever I check out a new Taiwanese restaurant. They were very generous with the portion size. Chicken was well seasoned and not greasy at all. I believe they used starch as a coating.. which is good when prepared hot and fresh. However, I don’t believe they were made fresh to order as my chicken pieces were quite chewy.

Despite the slight disappointment with their chicken nuggets, I received lu rou fan with my combo! It’s essentially minced pork belly served over a bowl of white. The sauce seeped nicely into my bowl of rice and had good flavours. Not the healthiest, but so good!

IMG_4888.JPGMilk Tea (+$3.00) Oreo Cookie Smoothie ($5.75) with Pearls (+$0.75)
The drinks were pretty standard in my opinion. Boyfriend happily finished his oreo cookie smooth- would have preferred it without the whipped cream on top!

We liked this place so much… we came back within a week!

MYST Deluxe Marinated Pork with Rice ($11.95/$13.95) Taiwanese sausage, fish cake, rousong (meat floss), egg, and picked radish. This is a take on the classic Taiwanese bento. Both my boyfriend and I were eyeing this dish due to the variety of toppings it came with. You’re supposed to mix up all the components and get a little bit of everything in one bite! This was really fun to it and packed with flavour.

Since we decided to go with the combo, we received two side dishes and Green Milk Tea (+$3.00) As you can tell, the side dishes have slightly changed from a week ago! I didn’t care too much for the wood ear as they were rather bland. Could have been marinated a little bit longer for better taste!

House Special Stir-Fried Sliced Noodle ($11.50) with Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, or Seafood. I opted for beef to go with my noodles. The waitress had asked if we wanted the kitchen to tweak the sauce level because she was afraid it would be too heavy/greasy? for us but we decided to just leave as is. I was expecting the noodles to taste like the regular beef stir fried noodles at HK style cafes, however, I actually liked this version more! The noodles had a good amount of chew and I could taste a hint of sweetness in my noodles. We ended up packing more than half of it to go because the portion size was huge!

With such an extensive menu, there’s something you’re bound to like here if you like Taiwanese food in general. 🙂

2-6400 Kingsway

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation? No

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