IMG_5358.JPGHope everyone had a well rested long weekend. I’m already looking forward to the next one! Like any holiday, it wouldn’t be anything special without delicious eats.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram , you probably know that I’m a huge fan of The Coffee Bun in Coquitlam. I’ve been frequenting the place for about five years now and just over a few days ago, Pappa Roti opened up their third location in the Tri-Cities area ! Coincidentally, I was having the biggest craving for a coffee bun that day so my boyfriend and I decided to check their newest location out. Pappa Roti is a Malaysian franchise best known for their coffee-coated buns. So, what is a ‘coffee bun’ exactly? Think pillow soft, sweet buns with a butter-filled centre topped with a crisp coffee caramel coating. I swear it’s as delicious as it sounds.

Now I know that Pappa Roti has been around for 15 years so they’ve got quite the reputation with over 400 successful chains worldwide! I actually tried their first location on Robson Street back in 2014, but never really made the effort to revisit since I prefer The Coffee Bun more. Bob has been pestering me to give the place another try since she prefers Pappa Roti over The Coffee Bun.

The boyfriend and I came at a good time because they were actually offering 15% off all orders for the long weekend! From the outside, the place does not look very enticing, but the moment I stepped in, I was immediately drawn to the layout of the place.

Very spacious and inviting with ample seating for patrons.

More table space and chairs.

Aside from their famous coffee buns, they also sell sandwiches, wraps, pastries, and soups! I’m not entirely sure if the other locations offer this as well.

To ensure that quality of their coffee buns, all franchise locations actually get their buns flown in from Malaysia. The butter is already incorporated in each individual dough so only the sugary topping is prepared at the cafe. Similar to all other locations, the coffee buns here can be paired with fruit (strawberry, banana), sauces (jam, chocolate, nutella, peanut butter), whipped cream, and/or ice cream.

Iced Americano ($3.00) Same price for a medium so I upsized my drink. I believe they get their coffee beans from JJ Bean. This tasted slightly diluted but still quite enjoyable to drink.

IMG_5314.jpgLondon Fog ($4.30) Boyfriend quite liked his drink. Good amount of sweetness.

Original Bun ($4.00) We decided to get a plain one to taste test how it would hold up on its own. Crisp, crunchy exterior and slightly sweet. Not a huge fan of the crispy exterior-  maybe I’m just accustomed to The Coffee Bun’s version more since they have a softer texture.

IMG_5317.JPGThe Works ($9.00) strawberry, banana, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzle. It was definitely more fun pairing the coffee bun with fruit, ice cream, and whipped cream. The ice cream gave the bun a much softer texture to work with as you bite into it. Perfect mix of sweet and salty from the butter filling.

To this day, I still stand by The Coffee Bun’s take on the famous coffer bun.  However , I do enjoy the ambiance here much more I guess that’s a good enough reason  for me to give this place yet another try 🙂

#100 – 1196 Pinetree Way

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $
Service: 4/5
Reservation? No

PappaRoti  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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