Miss Lina Crêpe Cakes

For those of you who are familiar with Lady M, a well known cake boutique best known for their signature mille crêpes – then you’re in for a treat at the newly opened Miss Lina in Richmond.  Miss Lina first made her appearance at the International Night Market back in 2015 and continued her business strictly doing WeChat orders before deciding to open up her own cake boutique. At Miss Lina, they aim to combine the elegance and flavour of traditional French crêpe with the delicateness of light tasting Japanese desserts. Over the last year or two, I’ve definitely noticed a jump in places offering crêpe cakes (think L’otus Cake Boutique)and it’s pretty exciting to see a change in the dessert scene apart from ice cream parlours.

Occupying the former Scorpio M’s Dessert on Alexander Road, the layout of this space is almost exactly the same as it was before from the elegant cushion chairs, white tables to the bird cage light fixtures! Prior to making the trip here, I had made several attempts to call in advance to see if they offer reservations for their cake slices since L’otus accommodates this request. A lady on the phone had informed me that they do offer free reservation for cakes so I managed to get one reserved in advance, but through Instagram, my response was the exact opposite as I was informed that they only offer reservations for their afternoon tea set.  Don’t quote me on it though 😛 They only make about ~20 cakes per day and it’s on a first come first serve basis.

They accept reservations! Although I think it was not necessary as only a few tables were occupied around 4pm on a weekend. Despite the slow traffic, I did see quite a few people picking up cake orders!

Yes, it’s quite expensive compared to other places offering crêpe cakes! One thing that sets Miss Lina apart from its competitors is that their cakes are 25 layers. Does that justify the price tag? We’ll find out 😛

For variety , J suggested we each pick one flavour to try. I initially had my heart set on their Rainbow Heart Crêpe ($16) but they weren’t able to push any out until 7pm 😦
We settled for Durian Crêpe Cake($13.25), Matcha Crêpe Cake ($12.75), and Rose Tea Crêpe Cake($14.25). We skipped out on drinks as they were quite expensive! Tea is only offered in a pot (~$14-16) and we weren’t feeling coffee in the middle of the day.

Durian Mille Crêpe ($13.25) This was the one that I managed to reserve on the day of. Surprisingly, the durian flavour was strong and prominent- we really felt like we were actually eating a durian itself. Similar to Lady M, the crêpe cakes here feature layers of paper thin hand-made crepes stacked together and filled with pastry cream. Except Miss Lina has 25 layers and I can’t stress that enough! 😛 The texture of the crêpe cake was delicately light and fluffy but it got a tad dry towards the end.

IMG_6354.jpgMatcha Crêpe Cake ($12.75)I definitely prefer Miss Lina’s take on the matcha crêpe cake more than L’otus Cake Boutique‘s version. The cake itself had an authentic delicate green tea flavor with a touch of bitterness from the matcha powder on top which brought a nice balance to sweetness of the cream and crêpe filling.

IMG_6366.jpgRose Tea Crêpe Cake ($14.25) I was looking forward to this flavour the most due to its uniqueness. However, it was a bit of a letdown due to its subtle fragrance and flavour. You could definitely taste a hint of rose tea in it but it could have been infused/steeped longer for a bolder taste. Another risk would be if you overdo it, it’s going to taste like soap so I can understand why they held back a little on the rose tea 😛

Miss Lina’s crêpe cakes are pretty good, but still far from the light fluffy texture of Lady M. For those who are looking to splurge on dessert, this is definitely the perfect place to do just that with your girlfriends. Might as well throw in that $15 tea because why not? 😛

1200 – 8580 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Website: https://www.misslinacrepecakes.com/
Reservation? Yes

Miss Lina Crêpe Cakes Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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