Ramen Gojiro

IMG_6623.JPGRamen Gojiro, is a relatively new ramen shop that opened up on Dunsmuir Street close to Granville Station. What sets Ramen Gojiro apart from the other ramen places around Vancouver is their broth. Ramen Gojiro specializes in jiro-style ramen using a combination of tonkotsu broth and shoyu giving it an almost thin pork gravy-like consistency served with thick noodles topped with bean sprouts. At Ramen Gojiro, the broth is pork and chicken based ramen so there’s a slight tweak from the traditional ramen jiro. Nevertheless, you can still expect your bowl of ramen here to be fatty and rich.

IMG_6638.JPGArriving at around at 7pm, the place was bustling with a mix of locals and tourists. A line had already formed with a few people ahead of our party of three. We patiently waited for about 20-25 minutes before getting a table. Similar to many ramen shops in the downtown core, expect a line up- even on weekday nights! I’m not too sure if you guys can tell by the interior, but it’s actually godzilla-themed!

IMG_6644.JPGSelf-serve on the table: Rame sauce, seasoning, chopsticks, napkins, etc.





The menu here is super simple categorized from: Basic, Basic Bakamori, Spicy, and Spicy Bakamori. You have an option of either Chashu Pork or Karaage with your ramen and the main veggie topping that it comes with is bean sprouts.  ‘Basic’ is just their regular portion whereas ‘Bakamori’ is the supersized version of the regular portion. Before they put your order in the system, they confirm whether you want fried garlic as your garnish. Recently, they’ve added additional items such as Tsukemen (dipping ramen) and a few summer specials like Hiyashi Tan Tan Men ($10.95)  and Fried Rice ($5.50). Prices are competitive with other ramen joints in the downtown core.

Gyoza ($3.50) Similar to other ramen joints, you can combo it up with some of their feature appetizers! We split two orders of these homemade gyozas. They definitely tasted homemade, however I thought the filling was a bit lacking. My go to place for gyoza is still Ramen Santouka on Robson.

Basic Karaage Bakamori ($13.75) My brother opted to go with the karaage in light broth and mild spicy. As promised, this came with a mountain of beansprouts! My brother enjoyed the chicken and karaage and the thick noodles. Portion size is great for those who have a huge appetite. If you’re not a fan of beansprouts, you could ask to have them adjusted or skip it entirely.

Spicy Karaage Bakamori ($14.35)The boyfriend loves spicy ramen so he it was a no brainer that he went for this one. The amount of bean sprouts were a little overwhelming for him as he was unable to finish it but he loved the depth of the broth and thick noodles! He totally underestimated the size of their ramen 😛

Tsukemen ($11.55) ‘Tsukemen’ is a Japanese cuisine consisting of noodles dipped in hot broth served in a separate bowl. If you dip too many noodles at once, the taste of the soup might be a little too overpowering as the broth is very concentrated and rich. At Ramen Gojiro, you can opt for extra noodles (half +$1.25, full +$2.00), karaage or chasu, hot or cold noodles. Since it was super hot outside that day, I opted for cold noodles! As always, I loved the texture of the thick noodles and the chashu was pretty decent. Much more flavourful and tender than my first visit.

IMG_6689.jpgThe broth was very rich and dense in flavour. Since it was my first time, I quite enjoyed the experience! I love how the thick noodles easily absorbed the broth allowing every bite to be packed with flavour. My boyfriend loves Taishoken’s take on Tsuekemen so I guess we’ll have to pay a visit back soon 😉

Overall, Ramen Gojiro is a solid ramen joint in my opinion since I’m a huge fan of thick ramen noodles. Best to stick with their signature chicken karaage ramen options as chashu here is lackluster quality. Additionally, for a ramen joint- the service is quite slow!

501 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$
Service: 3/5
Price: $ ($0-20)
Reservation? No
Website: http://ramengojiro.com/

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