IMG_6500.jpgSnackshot is a 60s/70s themed Hong Kong style dessert cafe that recently joined the Marpole neighbourhood alongside notable restaurants like Cafe de l’Orangerie. Owned by a young couple with roots in Hong Kong, Snackshot serves up traditional asian desserts with a modern twist with its eye-catching packaging fit for social-media loving patrons to capture. Unlike most of my asian friends, I did not grow up being fond of traditional Hong Kong style desserts. In fact, I’ve always avoided them at traditional Chinese establishments at all costs! Long story short, I’ve learned to acquire the taste of ‘healthy desserts’  😛

The place was really bright and modern but it also gives off that nostalgic Hong Kong vibe! One wall is completely plastered with a mural displaying the thriving restaurant scene back in the 1960s and 1970s.

All of the Above Combo ($6.95) This came with a combination of siu mai, fish balls, rice rolls and fish tofu accompanied with hoisin and soy sauce. Everything tasted like they came straight out of a frozen pack except the rice rolls which tasted pretty decent. I’ve definitely had better ones before.

Vitasoy Milk with Red Bean Bulldog ($7.95) My friends and I really debated on whether we should get this or not due to the hefty price tag! They’ve had problems where patrons end up making a huge mess due to the instability of the Vitasoy bottle, so the waitress will patiently wait for people to finish taking photos before taking it out. I thought the drink itself was not bad but there was really nothing special about this drink other than the fact that the concept of it was pretty cool of doing an Asian twist on the Mexican Bulldog 😛

Sweet Soup Tasting Platter ($22.95) What everyone comes here for! This can be served hot or cold. The menu states that this serves 2-3 people but honestly you probably need at least 4 people to finish this if you’re going to order other things on their menu. Traditionally, people like to mix and match different kinds of “tong sui” (糖水) into one bowl. My friends and I each ended up grabbing a small separate bowl for us to mix and test out our favourite combinations.

Almond Paste : They make all of their pastes from scratch I believe. The consistency of the almond paste was silky and smooth. I love how the sweetness was toned down as well.

Red Date and Longan Soup : This is totally something my mom would make due to its health benefits 😛 Both dried longan and red dates are naturally sweet so I thought it was unnecessary of them to have the added sugar incorporated. This combination is well known for easing stomach pains and improve blood circulation. Good for the ladies I must say!

Cashew Paste: The cashew paste was my favourite out of the bunch! It had the perfect amount of consistency and sweetness like the almond paste. Yum! I pretty much hogged this one the most.

Black Glutinous Dessert: This dessert incorporates black glutinous rice giving off that interesting contrast in colour (purple hue) when the coconut milk is added. The rice was nice and chewy. I personally thought it was too carb heavy but my friends enjoyed this one.

Tofu Pudding: There was nothing really special about the tofu pudding other than the cute design in the middle. I wish the ginger syrup was a bit more impactful as it tasted quite bland and sugary.

Red Bean Soup:
 Cant believe I’m saying this but the red bean soup lacked sweetness! All I could taste was the mixture of the red bean 😦 For a place that specializes in Hong Kong style desserts .. this one was quite disappointing! I’ve had better at regular Chinese restaurants.

Walnut Paste:
 Compared to the almond and cashew paste, this one was on the sweeter side. Nevertheless, the consistency and texture was great.

Sesame: I believe they also make their own black sesame soup from scratch ! The consistency was super thin which I’m not used to. Maybe adding extra glutinous rice flour or reduce the amount of water could have yielded better results for this one.

IMG_6560.JPGGreen Bean Soup: I was never fond of green bean soup as a kid and to this date I’m still not fond of it. My friends and I pretty much left this was unfinished.

Snackshot is no doubt a cool hangout spot with your friends who are indecisive when it comes to desserts. I would skip out on the their pricey drinks and stick with their food menu.

7980 Granville St
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation? No
Contact: (604) 559-7980

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