Chef Hung

Chef Hung is a well known Taiwanese beef noodle chain with numerous locations around the world. Since 1995, the restaurant has acclaimed numerous awards for their signature noodle soups always drawing crowds to get a taste of their house-made noodles and signature broth. As an early teenager, I vividly remember the long line-ups at Aberdeen (their first location in Lower Mainland) and have been wanting to visit since. After almost a decade and four locations later, their fifth location recently opened up at Simon Fraser University. Which means the location was convenient enough for me to check what the hype was all about!

Chef Hung at the SFU location sits right across from Nester’s Market in the newly developed area next to A&W. It’s been several years since my last visit up the hill and it’s changed a great deal with heavy construction and crazy condo development stretching east of the campus. The only bad thing about coming to this location is having to pay for parking! Similar to many Taiwanese establishments, the decor is very modern with sleek wooden furniture. What caught my eye walking in was the mechanical contraption- a pair of mechanized chopsticks doing the classic noodle lift 😛

Here’s what the menu looks like. You basically check off the items you want ranging from type of noodle, side dishes, snacks, dessert, and drinks.

Roasted Milk Tea ($5.25)+Grass Jelly (+$0.50) I’m probably off with the price of the drinks here but I do remember the price being close to $6 with the grass jelly. The boyfriend almost always gets bubble tea whenever we go to a Taiwanese noodle place. The roasted milk tea tasted exactly like Chatime’s version of roasted milk tea. I’m aware that the Richmond location is affiliated with Chatime, so I’m going to assume that this location also serves up Chatime bubble tea drink which we were quite happy about as we both love Chatime 🙂

IMG_5691.JPGMarinated Beef Wrap
($8.95) For the steep price, I had high expectations for this one. From the outside, the rolls looked enticing and delicious filled with a generous amount of meat filling. First bite in, I had already regret my decision. The pancake was cold, soft and bland. The beef had no flavour component, and the roll lacked hoisin sauce. The only greens I could taste was cucumber, but where was the scallion? These were definitely not made fresh. Take my advice and skip this dish.

Noodle Topped with Ground Pork Sauce ($9.45) I’m used to having thin noodles with ground pork sauce at other Taiwanese places so it was a no brainer for me to opt for their thin noodles. Unfortunately, this dish was a huge letdown. The quality of the meat sauce was poor as it was full of just fatty bits and mush. My favourite version is still the boyfriend’s mom’s take on meat sauce! I’ve been too spoiled the past few years 😛

IMG_5705.jpgChampion Beef Shank with Noodle in Soup (12.45) The boyfriend opted for flat noodles for this noodle dish. He’s had his fair share of Taiwanese beef noodle soups and for someone who usually isn’t picky with his beef noodle soups, he wasn’t a huge fan of this one. His bowl came out lukewarm which was odd as the table next to us received theirs piping hot. The soup base lacked depth and the meat lacked flavour. The texture of the noodles did have a good bite to them though.

For a place that claims to be one of the ‘best’ in the Lower Mainland, we were both quite disappointed with our visit here. What we thought would be a relatively cheap meal ended up being a huge splurge for what we normally budget for.

109 – 9055 University High St
Burnaby, BC

Rating: 2/5
Price: $$
Service: 3/5
Reservation? No

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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