Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant

There is no shortage of options when it comes to dim sum in Richmond. Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant is located right inside Parker Place in Richmond. Many Richmond residents swear by this place and flock over here bright and early for their daily dim sum special. Even with reservations, you have to check in with the hostess and wait again until your table is ready. Without a reservation, I would say you’re out of luck getting the special. I came here with mom, aunt, and two of their friends so I had no control over what to order 😦 Oh well! Two of them reside in Richmond so they took the liberty of ordering on our behalf since it’s their favourite go to place for dim sum.

Regarding their dim sum special, if you order before 11am, you are eligible for their Dim Sum Set Lunch Special which includes the following:

Dim Sum Set Lunch For Three ($25.80) choice of any three dim sum plus choice of either Sparerib & Preserved Sausage on Rice or Salted Pork Bone with Dried Cabbage and Black Eye Pea Congee

Dim Sum Set Lunch For Five ($37.50) choice of any five dim sum plus choice of either Sparerib & Preserved Sausage on Rice or Salted Pork Bone with Dried Cabbage and Black Eye Pea Congee

The restaurant does not limit you to just one order so you can make multiple orders of their special. Our party of five ordered two orders of the Dim Sum Set Lunch For Three meaning six dim sum dishes were selected including the rice and congee option.

If the special menu is not of interest, their dim sum menu items at fixed price ranging from: Small ($4.95) Medium ($5.75), Large ($6.75), Special ($7.50), SL ($8.25), SLP($8.95)

IMG_6338.jpgSteamed Rice Rolls with Pork Liver (SP) Not going to lie, my stomach flipped a bit when I found out this dish was ordered. I can’t stand the taste and texture of pork liver but had a bite of it just to give face to the aunties who ordered it. Luckily, they disliked it as much as I did. One of the aunties said it’s usually really good here but they overcooked the meat leaving a hard and off putting texture to swallow. Rice rolls on the other hand were excellent.

IMG_6326.jpgBeef Tripe in Malaysia Satay Sauce (SP) Honeycomb tripe isn’t something I normally order at dim sum establishments . Just like the steamed rolls, the beef tripe was overcooked as well giving off a fat-like type of texture which I detested.

IMG_6302.jpgSpareribs in Plum Sauce (SLP) Plum sauce? I was a bit skeptical first, but I’m so glad they ordered this dish! The pork spareribs were huge, tender, and tasty. I loved the marinade and if you ever make it to their dim sum special, I’d say this one is a must! Tangy-sweet basting sauce goodness.

IMG_6286.jpgDeep Fried Spring Rolls with Shrimp Paste (SP) This one came out piping out! Love how well deep fried the springs roll were as it had a crispy exterior and the shrimp paste had a good bounce to them! I love how they were portioned nicely in advance without having to flag anyone down and have them cut up.

IMG_6288.jpgSteamed Spareribs with Garlic and Taro (L) Why does it seem like all of their steamed dishes that day were overcooked? Because the exact same situation happened with this one 😦 Taro was super mushy and spareribs were super fatty and unappetizing! We barely touched this one.

Sparerib & Preserved Sausage on Rice
(SLP) Wasn’t really feeling rice that afternoon and I normally don’t order rice dishes at dim sum places. Got to sample a bit of the preserved sausage and it was your typical kind of Chinese sausage. Not as salty. Spareribs here were also mostly fatty pieces.

Salted Pork Bone with Dried Cabbage and Black Eye Pea Congee (Small $9.95, Large $16.95) On the outside, the bowl of congee did not look appetizing at all. I was almost too afraid to eat it!  The consistency of the congee was really nice and – almost every table had this order! The flavour from the pork bones created depth and a slight sweetness to the congee.  I ended up taking leftovers home with me for lunch the next day 🙂

Sweeten Dumplings with Durian (SLP) My mom almost never allows dessert on the table when it comes to dim sum. So having dessert for a chance was a nice treat! Luckily, I’m a huge fan of durian and knowing how much durian costs these days.. it was a good choice to get this one. The mochi filling was soft and pillowy and paired nicely with the durian with its natural sweetness. Gotta impress the aunties by eating everything on the table right…?

When it comes to ordering with see lai’s/aunties you know that the possibility of getting siu mai or har gow are next to none. It was kind of an eye-opening experience sampling the more “unique” dishes.

1425-4380 No 3 Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $$-$$$

Service: 3/5
Reservation? Yes

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