The Fish Counter

The Fish Counter is a sustainable seafood shop and casual eatery located in the heart of Mount Pleasant.  They exclusively serve Ocean Wise seafood ranging from fish and chips, fish tacos, sandwiches, soups and salads. The concept behind the Ocean Wise program is to “educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood as they work directly with restaurants, markets, and suppliers when making purchasing decisions”. The owner of The Fish Counter, Robert Clark, actually grandfathered the Ocean Wise program with his business partner and marine biologist Mike McDermid! My last visit here was actually a couple of years ago when they first opened doors in 2015 and I actually bumped into Chef Rick Moonen who’s also a leading advocate for sustainable seafood. He happened to be in town that week for a conference regarding sustainability! I’ve yet to visit his restaurant in Las Vegas…

I came here on a weekday night with Bob, John, and CC for an early dinner. The place is actually sectioned into half retail and half restaurant. Well, more or less a take-out counter with a decent sized open kitchen. It isn’t the most spacious for a party larger than 2, but they do have a small table in the corner and an outdoor bench for extra seating when summer rolls in. Everything here is pretty much self serve as they have condiments readily available for you to customize your order!

Most updated menu:

Between the four of us, we split a couple of their popular items to share. All food are served in compotable takeout containers (including utensils!)

B.C. Bouillabaisse ($7.90) Bouillabaise is a humble Mediterranean fisherman’s stew made with leftover fresh fish and shellfish that were unable to sell. The soup base is normally seasoned seasoned with saffron, orange peel, and fennel. The bouillabaisse at The Fish Counter varies according to what’s in season ranging from lingcod, pink salmon, halibut, mussels, clams, and humpback shrimp in addition to garlic purée, red peppers, and corn. Our soup had a bright orange hue with distinctive undertones of saffron, orange zest, and fennel with a strong tomato base. A tad acidic from the tomato broth, but overall I enjoyed the variety of seafood chunks.

Oyster Po’ Boy ($9.99) A po’ boy is a traditional New Orleans sandwich, served on a French baguette. This came with three chunks of deep fried oysters, tartar, kimchi and a side of coleslaw. The deep fried oysters tasted fresh and well seasoned with a good amount of salt and black pepper. I’m not too sure about the kimchi but overall a pretty good sandwich. Texture of the coleslaw was more tart and tangy than creamy which helped cut out the richness of the sandwich.

IMG_6965.jpgCrab and Shrimp ($12.86) Two crab and shrimp patties sandwiches into a French baguette. Every time I order anything resembling crab cakes, I always find them dinged with too much filler but this was not the case! I could really taste the wholesome ingredients of shrimp and crab and the patty itself was firm enough to hold the cakes together with a nice touch of aoili. This was served with coleslaw again which again was a refreshing balance.

IMG_6956.jpgHalibut Fish & Chips (1 pc $14.76, 2 pc $24.29, +extra $10.95) John normally does not like to splurge on high priced food items but Bob and I convinced him enough to go through with the halibut because halibut fish and chips are supposedly the best, right? Those of you who have gluten sensitivity.. you’re in luck because you get their fish and chips in a gluten-free batter. My all-time favourite place for fish and chips is Pajo’s  (they have several locations). I’ve heard many great things of The Fish Counter’s take on fish and chips, so it was a no brainer that this order was a must. The batter was nicely seasoned and crispy but the fish was way overcooked. The fish inside had gone dry and tough. The fries were also super disappointing 😦  Is it just me or the ‘chips’ always stink everywhere else with the exception of Pajo’s?

IMG_6984.jpgNot sure if you guys are able to tell but the fish was not flaky at all 😦

House-made tartar on the other hand was on point.

Maybe we came on a bad day or the fish wasn’t as fresh.. I really want to give them a second chance on the fish and chips, though.

3825 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $$
Service: n/a
Reservation? No

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