Pho 99

Pho 99 is a well known Vietnamese cuisine franchise best known for their noodle soups translated as “pho”. As a kid, I grew up eating pho as both my parents lived in Vietnam for over almost two decades before settling in Canada so having Vietnamese was very common in my family household. Every so often, my mom or grandma would dedicate half the day in making the soup stock for pho consisting of meat bones, onion, ginger, star anise, and a variety of herbs and spices. I used to never finish the noodle broth as a kid and I have fond memories of my mom lecturing me for not appreciating her time and effort in making the soup broth. Now whenever I go to pho restaurants, I’d always try to drink up most of it – only if it’s MSG free 😛

With seven locations to date, I visited their Coquitlam location after a long day of studying for a quick bite. It’s tucked in the corner of the plaza on Lougheed Highway few stores down from Chapters. The place was bustling with young families, couples and solo diners like myself. Now, I’m not very picky when it comes to pho because it essentially tastes the same to me everywhere-delicious, filling and cheap!

Table essentials- utensils, hoisin, sriracha, chili/garlic oil, soy sauce, salt and pepper

IMG_6931House Special Noodle Soup#14 (Small:$9 Large:$10) with eye round steak, well-done flank, fatty brisket, soft tendon, and beef tripe. I love a little bit of everything in my pho! With just a dollar difference, I decided to upsize my pho to a large. You can say I have quite the appetite when it comes to noodle soups 🙂 The broth is much darker than other pho places – I’m assuming it’s from cooking the spices too long? Noodles were firm and the flavour of the broth was deep and savoury with a subtle sweetness.

There was a generous portion of rice noodles, but I would have preferred more meat to go with the noodles as I found myself drowning in them towards the end with no other substance.

I love smothering my noodle soup in herbs and a touch of lime juice! I pretty much dumped everything in minus the jalapeño 😛

Fried Spring Roll (One:$2.75 Two:$5) with fish sauce. Yikes! These were a little steep so I went with just one order as much as I love them as a side dish with my pho! The spring roll had a nice golden crispy exterior and came out piping hot! I like how the meat filling wasn’t super compact as well. Not sure if I would order this again as I prefer my spring rolls wrapped in rice paper more.

Compared to the location next to Silvercity Coquitlam, I definitely prefer this place more due to the hospitality and prompt service!

62-2991 Lougheed Hwy Unit

Rating: 4/5
Price: $
Service: 4/5
Reservation? No

Pho 99 Vietnamese Noodle House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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