Dolpan Seoul BBQ

You know you’ve finally reached adulthood when your friends are either talking about getting engaged or moving out of the big city. And when friends move away, farewell get togethers are always a must in my books! Prior to Jamesy’s big move to the states, a couple of our friends met up for dinner at Dolpan Seoul BBQ located on Sexsmith Road  in Richmond within the Continental Mall specializing in Korean cuisine. One thing that sets Dolpan Seoul BBQ apart from their competitors is their contemporary approach on cooking meats on a portable grill. The place is very sleek and modern and another huge plus is their efficient ventilation system because the last thing you want after a meal is to smell like your food the moment you walk out of the restaurant.

The place as expected was super packed and booked up, but luckily reservations were made. Reservations can be made through Yelp for parties of 4 or more. We were promptly seated for our 6pm sitting by the entrance. Between our party of 4, we split a couple of items for sharing. Aside from their BBQ Grill Menu, the menu consists of Korean staples like jap chae, seafood pancake, soups and stews.

Dipping sauce for the grilled meats with house made BBQ sauce! It’s sweet and tangy.

Banchan (complimentary) : A variety of complimentary complimentary side dishes to nibble on while we wait for our food orders. I enjoyed the variety of dishes available. They recently removed jap chae from their ban chan which is a bummer because I was looking forward for those free refills 😛 Otherwise, everything was pretty good and refreshing. Their kimchi had a nice kick to it. All dishes are refillable.

Egg Volcano ($3.50) This dish was recommended by almost everyone through Instagram as a ‘must-try’. And I have no idea why this was hyped up at all. It was basically steamed egg served in a clay pot with a bit of fish stock broth simmered in. I was anticipating something to ooze out of the middle like lava (hence the name ‘volcano’ in the description). The dish itself is pretty easy to replicate, so we didn’t really find anything special about it. Taste was okay though.

Seafood and Green Onion Pancake
($18) The seafood pancake had all the right fixings but I would have preferred more seafood incorporated. The texture of the pancake was nicely crisp throughout, but just a tad doughy on the inside. Not my favourite, but I think I would still order them again.

IMG_7018 2.jpgMatcha Honeycomb Samgyeopsal ($19.50) Samyeopsal translates to ‘Korean Pork Belly BBQ’ that gets cooked on a grill plate. The meat itself is neither cured nor seasoned and served fresh.

Hangjeongsal ($23) Pork Jowl was our second choice of meat and it was well -marbled and tender. We were given 210g of meat for one order. Portion wise, it’s pretty expensive but we had enough to go around. They also give you complimentary veggies to go with each order of meat (squash and mushroom).

They put parchment paper over the meat and veggies so you don’t get splattered with oil.

The waitress will assist with ensuring the meat is fully cooked before serving and cut them into bite sized pieces.

The pork belly were crispy slabs of deliciousness! We were also given extra matcha powder for the pork belly. I wish we had some lettuce to wrap them in!

Overall, I enjoyed my experience here and service was super attentive.

1123-3779 Sexsmith Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 4.5/5
Reservation? Yes

Dolpan Seoul BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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