Heritage Asian Eatery

Heritage Asian Eatery is a fast-casual establishment located in Vancouver’s Financial District specializing in Asian comfort foods with a modern twist. Faced with tough competition in the downtown core, the staff at Heritage Asian Eatery are constantly experimenting in the kitchen offering up unique food items that you can’t get anywhere else in the city. They recently launched a brunch menu featuring contempory Asian-style benny bowls, omelettes, even congee! I initially wanted to come here for brunch, but their dinner menu seemed so much more enticing with gua baos, rice, and noodle dishes. I’ve heard great things about it from my boyfriend’s mom, so I was really excited to finally get the chance to check it out with my friend Nicole!

IMG_7350.jpgAt Heritage Asian Eatery, craving comfort food doesn’t have to mean going for the high caloric items as most items here are well portioned and on the healthier side when it comes to dining out. My friend and I had a hard time selecting what to get as all the options available all sounded really delicious. The menu here is neither extensive nor limited categorized into appetizers/sides, rice bowls, salads, baos, and sweets.

IMG_7351.jpgThe place is huge considering its location boasting a communal table and side tables. Outdoor patio is also available during the summer. Everything here is pretty much self serve down to grabbing your own water, utensils, etc. When your food is ready, you go up to the counter to grab your order.

Cauliflower ($5) Fried cauliflower and five spiced dry rub. Technically, they’re oven roasted cauliflower which is great as they keep the calories are kept to a minimum! The florets were evenly coated with the five spiced dry rub and had a nice crispy exterior. Some of the florets turned soggy, but it didn’t really bug me too much.

Five Spice Chicken Wings ($6) gluten free with five spice dry rub. This came with a mixture of five decent sized drumettes and wings. Again, the same rub from the cauliflower was used to season this dish. Nice, savoury crispy skin and chicken was nicely cooked and moist on the inside. I personally thought they overkilled it with the five spice, but my friend really enjoyed the wings.

Duck Rice Bowl ($15) Pulled Yarrow Meadows duck leg in Peking sauce, roasted duck breast, watercress, crispy onions, and slow cooked marinated egg. If you’ve had asian-style roast duck from Chinese ‘delis’ before, then you’ll find the taste here to be quite similar. The duck had great flavour- very juicy and tender. I like how it came pre-sliced to reduce the messiness of having to use your hands. I wish it came with more greens to balance off the meat and rice!

Pork Shoulder and Pork Belly Bao (1 for $7/ 3 for $17) You save a few bucks for getting the three combo deal but since we ordered a lot of food, we decided to just stick with two. I ended up choosing the Pork Belly Bao and it came with  braised local pork belly, kimchi, daikon, crispy onion and hoisin sauce. While the Shoulder Bao had pork shoulder with sweet and sour sauce, pickled cucumber and crispy onion. It was a lot messier than I had expected, but overall pretty decent. The combinations didn’t ‘wow’ me or anything as the restaurant stuck pretty close keeping it classic with the gua baos.

I’m aware that this place is predominantly self serve, but service was a bit lacking- no friendly greeting was addressed when I walked in and the man manning the front didn’t seem personable at all when we asked about the menu. For the amount of social media coverage they get, it was quite dead during dinner service as well.

1108 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Price: $$
Reservation? No
Website: http://www.eatheritage.ca/

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