Sulmida Dessert Cafe

Sulmida Dessert Cafe
offers up authentic ‘bingsu’ which translates to Korean shaved ice dessert in Burnaby. What separates Korean shaved ice compared to other Asian-operated places is that their shaved ice contains milk decorated with a mix of traditional and sweet toppings like fruit, red bean, and condensed milk. Similar to Snowy Village in Richmond, a block of iced milk is shaved from a machine that blends out the fluffy-powdery texture.

I came here on a weekday evening with my friends prior to our movie date as we wanted something quick and simple! I have lactose sensitivity which means I’m prone to you-know-what but when it comes to dessert it’s always worth the trouble extra bathroom trips most of the time.

Between the four of us we ordered a couple of items to share. You have to pay at the counter first and place and order. If you’re feeling indecisive, they have a display case available for you to check out. Afterwards, they’ll give you a ticket number and ring you up when it’s ready!

Plain Injeolmi Toast
($8) with soy bean. This came topped with shaved almonds and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with honey. The filling inside traditional injeolmi toast is glutinous rice cake and red bean but I only found rice cake/mochi inside. The quality of the mochi was lacking as the texture was rather tough than chewy. The toast was just regular white toast sandwiched in between the mochi. From what I’ve gathered, the toast is supposed to be a lot thicker resembling almost to a honey toast. Since it was my first time trying it, my expectations weren’t too high that evening. Petes commented that the toast here resembled nothing close to what he’s sampled in Korea.

Green Tea Bingsu (Single: $10 Full $12.75) Sweet milk snow flakes topped with green tea powder, red bean, mochi and vanilla ice cream. We opted for the large size to share. Overall, the milk flavour of their shaved ice is much lighter than Snowy Village but still creamy. couldn’t really taste the green tea flavour and I wasn’t a huge fan of the rice cakes as they were just as tough and hard. Overall, it was just average at best.

Strawberry Bingsu (Single:$10 Full:$13.75) Since the Green Tea Bingsu contained almonds, Mark decided to get the strawberry option due to his nut allergy.  He opted for the single serving. Strawberries were nice and fresh with plenty to go around to complement his shaved ice.

Overall, my visit here wasn’t as enjoyable as I had anticipated. Don’t think I will be returning again but the location is pretty convenient to reconsider! For those of you who are residents in Richmond, they also have a location there as well 😛

4697 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $$
Service: 3/5
Reservation? No

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