Cacao 70 Dippery


After a delicious meal at Taishoken, the boyfriend, his brothers and I hopped over to Cacao 70 Dippery just down the block  for some dessert. Cacao 70 is a Montreal-based chocolate bistro that specializes in you guessed it- chocolate. Cacao 70 Eatery in downtown Vancouver is fit for chocolate fanatics showcasing inventive and creative ways to satisfy your sweet tooth on their extensive dessert menu while Cacao 70 Dippery is specializes on soft serve ice cream and waffles. To date, they have 14 franchises nationally with Cacao 70 Dippery being the first ice-cream focused concept within its operation. Occupying the former space of Uyu, the place was heavily revamped with a more anesthetic design and media savy approach.

The design of this place is kind of awkward as the till is situated near the back and sideways to the entrance. But I can see why they designed it that way so people can slide over and grab their ice cream and exit out since there is not place to sit and enjoy. I totally forgot to take a photo of the layout but you have to check it out yourself!

Their menu is limited to just soft serve ice cream and Belgian waffles that can be dipped in various types of flavoured chocolate featured above.

Given the small space, it’s pretty organized as you pay at the counter and shuffle over to grab your order. I can’t imagine how busy it will be when summer rolls in again!

Size difference between the Regular (Plain: $3.50 Dipped: $4.75) and Large (Plain: $4.25 Dipped: $5.50)

Here’s a better comparison of the regular and large order. Of course I got the matcha and boyfriend got the black sesame. One thing to make note is that the ice cream will melt extremely fast so I wouldn’t recommend eating this on a scorching hot day which is counterintuitive 😛 It’s best to eat this in the evening when the weather is much cooler if you eat slow like me. I personally found the dipped flavoured matcha to be really sweet in comparison to the black sesame. I assume the matcha was mixed in with white chocolate which is already sweet to begin with masking the natural bitterness of matcha. For a place that solely focuses on soft serve and waffles, I was quite disappointed with the quality of the soft serve as it was pretty average. However, the cone was amazingly crunchy and delicious. Boyfriend loved his ice cream but he’s quite the sweet tooth 😛

White Dipped Soft Serve (Large: $5.50) Chris enjoyed his ice cream very much and loved the flavour of the white chocolate. He also agrees with the waffle cone 🙂

Hazelnut Dipped Soft Serve (Large: $5.50) Kelvin quote the hazelnut flavour as “amazing” and finished it quite quickly! Well because it was also melting really fast 😛

If I’m ever in the area, I would definitely re-visit this place but it wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind when I’m craving ice cream as it is just way too sweet for me. I do commend them for their uniqueness as this is the first of its kind in Canada!

433 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $$
Service: n/a
Reservation? No

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