Deer Garden

IMG_8382.JPGI’m sure many of you know Deer Garden Signatures as the go-to place for noodle soups where you can customize your bowl of noodles from soup base, noodles, and toppings. But.. how many of you guys out there know about Deer Garden’s Coquitlam location where they serve up classic Chinese-style comfort food? According to the Tri-Cities locals, word got out that within the Deer Garden establishment, the sister who owned Deer Garden on Westwood (Chinese-style cuisine) got bought out by the brother and turned it into Deer Garden Signatures. Shortly after the deal, the sister ended up opening Deer Garden again at Henderson Mall after a few months of “retiring” 😛 If any of you readers know more about the facts, please correct me !

I came here with the boyfriend’s family during their soft opening – even before they had a working phone. Renovations were still being done at the time but it was pretty much 85-90% functioning when we went back in October. Since the relocation to the mall, parking is much less stressful compared to the old location where it was always a nightmare! You can either enter through the mall entrance or outside which is pretty convenient. Not sure how that works out with two hostesses manning each entrance!

Indoor entrance

The space is huge! I don’t remember the restaurant prior to Deer Garden, but it’s almost as if they knocked down wall from the other side of the building to double up the square footage of this place. The other side of the seating area is pretty segregated from the main mall entrance.

Similar to other classic Hong Kong/Chinese-style establishments, the menu is quite extensive with a range of appetizers, meat-focused, fish-focused, rice and noodle dishes. When it comes to Chinese food, combos are usually a go-to option for me with large parties. Between the six of us, we ended up getting the Dinner Combo ($106.99) which included a choice of any 6 choices on their featured menu. All combo include rice, soup, and dessert.

Dinner Combo prices as follow:

2 Choices ($35.99)
3 Choices ($53.49)
4 Choices ($70.99)
6 Choices ($106.99)
8 Choices ($140.99)

Their dinner combos are on a separate menu where you can choose a variety of dishes. It’s quite extensive so you’re bound to find something that suits your tastebuds 🙂

Pork Bone Vegetable Soup (紅蘿蔔粟米豬骨湯) Probably the most common basic stock in Chinese cooking made from pork bones, chicken carcass, corn, carrot, etc. Soup was nice and light with a good amount of salt. I loved the sweetness from  the corn and carrot. Simple but good.

Gai-Lan with Minced Garlic Sauce this was a decent portion sized dish for veggies. The veggies remained nice and crunchy through the wok. I wish it just had more minced garlic sauce to go with them.

Egg Tofu with Broccoli I love egg tofu! It’s almost similar to chawanmushi but in tube form while the exterior is nice and crisp. The sauce came with shredded crab meat but I would have preferred the dish without as the taste did not really complement the tofu at all. Broccoli were nice and bright – tad soggy from being drenched in the sauce.

Hai-Nam Style Chicken (Half) This is their signature dish. Preparation of this dish involves poaching the chicken at sub-boiling temperatures served with traditional ginger and spring onion sauce for dipping. At Deer garden, the chicken is served with the bone while many Malaysian/Singaporean restaurants serve deboned chicken. I thought the dish was pretty delicious as the chicken was nice and tender!

Pork Chop in Jing Dou Sauce (Sweet and Sour) Pork chops were pretty solid but they were nothing special in my opinion.

Seafood Tofu Hotpot I was really disappointed with their seafood tofu hotpot dish. Everything inside was just a soggy mess. It had bits of squid, mussels, shrimp, etc but they really skimped out on the seafood here. All the veggies and tofu turned out super mushy. Take my advice and skip this dish!

Sweet and Sour Spareribs is a Chinese dish particularly popular in Westernized Cantonese establishments. This came with deep fried battered pork spareribs with a mix of onion, bell peppers, and pineapple. The spareribs were evenly coated in the sweet and sour sauce and had a nice glaze to them. The ratio of the sauce was a bit more on the sour side.

Dessert at the end was red bean soup! If you’re looking for family-styled Cantonese dishes – this place is definitely the place to go for something that’s budget-friendly in the area.

1045-1163 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC

Price: $$
Reservation? Yes
Contact: (604) 475-8088

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