Victoria Sushi

Victoria Sushi is a hidden gem located in a residential neighbourhood in New Westminster. I’m sure many of you sushi fanatics have heard about this place over the past few years for their affordable ‘aburi‘ sushi which translates to flame-seared pressed Osaka-style sushi. I’ve actually dined at this place a few times prior to this review but my past experiences were just subpar. A lot of my friends rave about this place all the time and go out of their way whenever they crave for cheap aburi sushi- I guess it made me want to give this place another try 😛 Since I live relatively close to Victoria Sushi, I decided to bring my friends and boyfriend along for a group dinner. You may encounter serious challenges for parking like we did as it as located within a residential neighbourhood, so do go early for lunch or dinner otherwise you’ll be circling around for at least 15-20 minutes!

Just to avoid having to wait for a table, we made reservations the day of – it was a good thing that we called because they were pretty packed that day! Only one room is big enough for parties of 8 or more so do make sure to call if you decide to come here with a large party. You have been warned 🙂

All of us weren’t feeling particularly famished or anything so we just grabbed a few items from their menu fit for sharing.

Wakame Salad ($3.95)

Prawn Tempura ( Small: $6; Large $10.50) Thin light batter, very crispy and not dripping in oil. Prawns were decent-sized!

Atlantic Salmon Sashimi ($11.50) To be honest, I don’t really care whether the salmon is sockeye or atlantc, farmed or wild – as long as it doesn’t have any fishy aftertaste that it’s all good in my books! In terms of freshness they had a clean taste to them and the cuts were semi-thick. Texture-wise: buttery and smooth. I find that Korean establishments cut their sashimi a lot thicker than Japanese ones!

Oyako Don ($9) With chicken and egg. The boyfriend wasn’t really in the mood for raw seafood so he opted to order a rice bowl for himself. Portion size was great for the price and it was loaded with chicken katsu and veggies! He mentioned that they overloaded with the sauce as the rice got really soggy towards the end.

Aburi Sushi from left to right Salmon Oshi x2,Beef Oshi. Not quite like Miku standards but pretty good alternative if you’re looking for budget-friendly aburi! My fave was definitely the salmon. The salmon was perfectly seared to the right temperature and I love how they were the perfect bite size! They don’t have the additional fish/beef in the middle like Miku’s take on aburi sushi but still worth a try if you’re willing to trek down to New West for them!

Beef Oshi ($13) AAA tenderloin beef, onion, garlic mayo

Salmon Oshi ($10) Salmon, Oshi sauce, Jalapeno

Scallop Oshi ($12) Another personal fave of mine was the scallop aburi! They were seriously melt-in-your-mouth good. There was just enough sauce to complement the unique slightly charred scallop. It’s a whole new different flavour profile when you get them seared.

“The Spoon” ($3.75 per order) Those of you who frequent will know that Victoria Sushi has a few ‘secret menu’ items! Sometimes the chef will whip up unique items from the kitchen and if it’s good, it’ll spread through world of mouth. Or through Instagram these days 😛 Each spoon was artfully decorated with torched salmon, ebi, avocado, tobiko, mayo and black olive 😬which surprising worked well!

10-15 E Royal Ave
New Westminster, BC

Price: $$
Rating: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Reservation? Yes

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