Happy weekend, everyone! Over the winter break, I met up with some friends for brunch at Wildebeest located in historic Gastown. For those of you who frequent Catch 122, they’re practically next door to each other (minus the crazy line-up) Similar to Fable Diner and Forage, Wildebeest emphasizes on sustainable agriculture known as the “farm-to-table” concept where their menu consists of using locally sourced ingredients prepared with utmost integrity.

The restaurant is located in a refurbished 19th century building giving off a rustic-chic vibe. They offer a multi-level space with a front house cocktail bar and lounge, open concept kitchen and several private dining spaces for intimate parties. They accept reservations, but walk-in’s are also welcome. If you’re looking for something casual, this is the place for you 🙂

Apple Fritters ($4) Apple fritters, salted caramel sauce. The apple fritters came out piping hot in a beautiful golden brown tossed with cinnamon and sugar. It was mostly batter I tasted with a few slices of apples. The batter was also more cakey in texture than I had anticipated. Not sure if I would order these again, but they were great to snack on while we waited for our food.

Bone Marrow ($9) Petes has heard great things about their bone marrow, so he had his heart set on this. For someone who has never tried bone marrow before, he didn’t really know what to expect. To his surprise, he found it quite fatty – but I personally think bone marrow itself is bland without some fat in it 😛 Taste-wise, I would describe it resembling to a little of beef-flavoured butter. The texture really depends on the amount of fattiness but it’s rather soft and melts easily. The bread helped offset some of the oiliness.

Merguez Hash ($14) Lamb sausage, two sous-vide eggs, potato hash, roasted peppers & corn, harissa yogurt. Petes enjoyed his hash. I tried a bite of his lamb sausage and thought it was nicely spiced as it helped mask the gamey smell I find in lamb.

The Standard ($11)+ Side of Maple Bacon ($5) Two fried eggs, maple breakfast sausage or thick-cut rosemary bacon, sourdough toast, and smashbrowns. Wes requested to see he could have half sausage and half bacon, the waitress said it was it was doable, but she simply just added a side of bacon on his order for an extra five bucks. Sometimes I find restaurants aren’t very transparent when patrons make requests to modify their order and you find the surprise at the end when you get the tab. In hindsight, he kind of anticipated this to happen, but it would have been nice to be forewarned about the extra cost. He wasn’t a fan of the bacon as it was mostly fatty and the smashbrowns were lazily done. Overall, he found his dish to be just okay.

Marrow and Eggs($14) Scrambled eggs, roasted bone marrow, smashbrowns, sourdough toast. I follow a foodie couple via Instagram and they always rave about Wildebeest’s Marrow and Eggs. You could say they inspired me to choose this place for brunch! To be honest, I was a little bit disappointed with the marrow and eggs as I couldn’t really taste the infusion of bone marrow in my scramble eggs- almost nonexistent. I’ve seen some photos were you can see the fatty bits of bone marrow in people’s eggs but not mine 😛 The smashbrowns were also quite disappointing 😦 I expected the potatoes to look flatter and crispier. They also lacked seasoning – especially salt.

Lacklustre food but great service. I’m sure I would give this place a try again!

120 W Hastings
Vancouver, BC

Rating: 3/5
Price: $$
Service: 4.5/5
Reservation? Yes
Website: https://wildebeest.ca/

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